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The Importance of Social Justice and Narratives with Khary Lazarre-White

Ep. 637

Today on the As Told By Nomads podcast, Khary Lazarre-White joins Tayo to talk about racial narratives in the US and his organization, The Brotherhood Sister Sol.  The pair opens this conversation by introducing the audience to the lack of funding present in minority communities. Given this lack of funding, in combination with familiar stereotypes and narratives regarding black intelligence and athletic ability, for example, it’s no wonder that young children in black and LatinX communities are discouraged from breaking free from the boxes they were confined to.  Khary took it upon himself, however, to create The Brotherhood Sister Sol, a nonprofit that helps young black and LatinX Americans claim the power of their history, identity, community, and education.  

In spite of fighting a rather uphill battle, Khary is incredibly passionate about helping children take back their own narratives.  It’s time to start debunking the common misconceptions that black people only have futures in music or athletics, that they’re violent, that they’re drug addicts, etc.  After all, the perpetuation of these notions obscure black and LatinX histories, generational trauma, futures, and the link between poverty and violence.  Khary goes on to talk about the American obsession with crime, and how the sheer volume of crime series on TV and racist news propaganda criminalizes the young black man in the American psyche.  Through Khary’s organization, Brotherhood Sister Sol, he hopes to help black and LatinX transcend the boundaries that have been created for them. 

The Finer Details of This Episode: 

  • The Brotherhood Sister Sol
  • The lack of funding for minority resources
  • The importance of taking back the narrative
  • Reclaiming different identities of blackness
  • The link between poverty and violence
  • Americans’ obsession with violence
  • The COVID-induced mental health crisis


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How to Bullyproof the World with Rob Fazio

Ep. 641
Today, Rob Fazio enjoys yet another warm welcome to the As Told By Nomads podcast. Specializing in global leadership and success as a Partner at Onpoint Advising, Rob talks to Tayo today about his upcoming book Bully Proof, a how to guide on influencing alphas and wielding strength in professional settings. The two open up the conversation by discussing Cancel Culture and its toxicity, and how, in a world in which views and opinions become more and more polarized each day, it’s beneficial to start honing these skills of influence and power. In response to the rise of polarization and bullying, Rob has created a variety of acronyms in his book that include tips about empathy and alignment, strength and plans, and obstacles and outcomes.Both Rob and Tayo concede that it isn’t an easy task to adopt a new behavior, especially one that feels unnatural, and that it can be hard to find strength in a situation you previously surrendered to. There is, however, great growth in discomfort, and to harness this growth, we need to do away with toxic positivity, values of convenience, objects of instant gratification, and reactionary thinking. We also need to embrace change and fight with our power from within. These two good friends close out today’s episode by referencing the value in critical thinking, and how we need to start interpreting the world around us through our own lenses, rather than adhering to the narrative that society tells us to believe. Once we make this happen, we will not only find more strength in ourselves, but we will open our heads and hearts to those of others, and maybe, just maybe, learn a thing or two.The Finer Details of This Episode:The toxicity of Cancel CultureValues of convenienceResponding to bulliesDEALSLearning new behaviorsDefining an alphaWhy there’s growth in discomfortThe choice between reaction and responseWOOP and HOWToxic positivityThe problem with instant gratificationThe value in critical thinkingLinks:Connect with Rob Fazio:Website: link: with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast on:Tayo's WebsiteTayo on LinkedInTayo on TwitterTayo on YouTubeTayo on TikTokAs Told by Nomads PodcastUYD ManagementUYD Collective