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Being a Heart Centered Entrepreneur with James Lam

Ep. 656
On today’s episode, Tayo chats with James Lam about what they believe is missing in today’s business world, why authenticity is pertinent to entrepreneurship, and how we can build our companies around our own personal genius.  After two of the three businesses that Lam created failed, he decided to take an introspective look at his entrepreneurship style.  And what he found was that, while yes, strategy and courage are important in creating a company, so is authenticity.  So he started to infuse his personality into his latest venture, Look Ahead Marketing, and that has made all the difference.  In an age where most marketing takes place on social media platforms, it can be easy to want to copy everyone else who is successful, especially when you’re just starting out.  However, TikTok and Instagram algorithms are notorious for being unpredictable, and forming your platform in someone else’s likeness does you no good.  So listen to today’s podcast, and learn how you, too, can start putting yourself first - creatively, educationally, and professionally.  You just might find that, like James and Tayo, your inner genius has been enough for you to become successful all along.  The Finer Details of This Episode: Infusing personality into entrepreneurshipLearning from failureAuthenticity, strategy, and courageThe temporary nature of social media platformsGetting paid for creativityPutting yourself firstKnowing your valuesLinks: Connect with James Lam and Look Ahead Marketing: Look Ahead Marketing Website: with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo’s Website: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on YouTube: on TikTok: Told by Nomads Podcast: Management: Collective:

Moving Beyond Happiness with Jenn Lim

Ep. 655
Author, marketplace expert, and public speaker, Jenn Lim, joins Tayo on the podcast today. Together, they engage in a deep conversation about Jenn’s journey to find happiness, why such happiness is missing in today’s workplace, and how we can start to incorporate it into both our professional and personal lives. Opening up the episode with a brief note on embracing pain and trusting in the process, Jenn notes that when we reckon with pain and discomfort, we make friends with the enemies that they once were.  And according to her, that’s just the beginning of a long path toward happiness.  Jenn goes on to talk about the significance of trust, progress, connectedness, and, most importantly, purpose.  When we engage in activities that reinforce our values, we are more likely to decrease the amount of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in our daily lives.  And that goes for the workplace as well.  Through her work, Jenn has witnessed so many beautiful stories of people connecting with themselves and their work in deep and meaningful ways.  And, as you listen in today, you’ll learn that you, too, can join in and experience this great happiness awakening yourself.  The Finer Details of This Episode: Embracing painTrust, progress, connectedness, and purposeDecreasing VUCA levelsJenn’s own happiness journeyGraduating from UC BerkeleyActive listeningLinks: Connect with Jenn Lim: Website: Happiness Book: with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo’s Website: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on YouTube: on TikTok: Told by Nomads Podcast: Management: Collective:

Running Remote With Liam Martin

Ep. 654
This week, Tayo welcomes Liam Martin to talk about managing in remote workplaces, why remote work is the new norm, and how you can work remotely too.  As the author of Running Remote, Liam has spent years studying the ins and outs of remote work, process design hiring, and inclusivity, and today Liam and Tayo talk about just that. Prior to March 2020, there were a mere 5 million digital nomads.  Now that number reaches just over 50 million.  People like Martin are starting to realize that remote work and asynchronicity improves openness and reflects the world’s ever changing value systems.  Ideas reign supreme now that your race, sex, and gender no longer play a role in whether your hired or not.  We need to stop judging others based on their exterior, and remote work is one of the wonderful ways that we can make that happen. That’s not to say that remote work doesn't have its downsides.  In adults over the age of 25, most socialization takes place in office.  And now that there is no office, it becomes increasingly more difficult to meet people.  That being said, Liam found that remote work has introduced this notion of choice in the workforce.  It’s no secret that many adults abandon their childhood aspirations for a career path that’s a little more realistic.  Now that we get to decide our environments, however, it's up to us to intentionally create spaces that maximize the fullness of self.The Finer Details of This Episode: The exponential growth of digital nomadismThe logistics of synchronous workDeliberate communication, democratized processes, and detailed metricsOpenness Changing value systemsLosing socializationMaximizing fullness of selfThe rise of the introverted leaderLinks:Connect with Liam Martin on: Running Remote Book: www.runningremote.comConnect with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo’s Website: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on YouTube: on TikTok: Told by Nomads Podcast: Management: Collective:

Building a Career You Love While Owning Your Identities with Julissa Arrington

Ep. 653
On this episode of the As Told by Nomads podcast, Tayo is joined by Julissa Arrington, a fashion designer born in Oakland, California, and raised in Houston, Texas. She has a fine arts degree from San Francisco Art Institute, and her designs are inspired by architecture, structural lines, unconventional materials, and fabrics. Julia is not only a dynamic designer but is also Afro-Colombian and an Afro-Latina in tech.Julissa discusses the possibility of working a 9 to 5 job while pursuing your dreams. She starts by explaining why she considers herself Afro-Latina, what attracted her to the fashion and technology industries, and how her career has developed. She also discusses the importance of inclusion, equity, and diversity in the tech sector. According to Julissa, if you put your all into what you have and truly take pleasure in it, it will take you to places you never would have thought possible. If you have ever experienced work-related dissatisfaction, you will be inspired by Julissa's wisdom.The Finer Details of This Episode:Why Julissa identifies as an Afro-Latina in techWhat drew Julissa to the fashion and tech industriesWhat the tech industry can be to be more inclusiveWords of wisdom to those who are unfulfilled at workJulissa's career journeyMental health and coping mechanismsHow women can embrace their individuality todayHow Julissa uses her difference to make a differenceLinks:Connect with Julissa Arrington:LinkedIn: with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo’s Website: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on YouTube: on TikTok: Told by Nomads Podcast: Management: Collective:

It’s Never Just Business: It’s About People with Jason Scott

Ep. 652
This week, Tayo welcomes author and entrepreneur, Jason Scott, to the podcast for a discussion about getting things done, building relationships in the office, and how to turn those relationships into a booming business culture.  When he joined the Navy as a fresh 17 year old, Scott felt he lacked motivation and goals of any kind.  It wasn’t until he started to fulfill leadership roles in the Navy and work with others that he learned the value of working in a team and why that experience motivates him.Creating a considerate and productive staff is no small feat though.  Luckily, today Jason lets us in on a few inside tips. From communicating daily accomplishments and practicing gratitude to allowing yourself to be vulnerable, the leader’s goal must always be to strengthen the group.  And Scott is very familiar with doing just that. As you will hear today, whether he’s consulting or serving in the Navy, it’s always been all about the people for Jason- a key factor in his immense success.The Finer Details of This Episode: Joining the Navy at 17Adapting to leadership rolesWorking for your teamThe importance of choiceCommunicating daily accomplishmentsPracticing gratitude Why vulnerability is an underrated skillLinks: Connect with Jason Scott on: Website: with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo’s Website: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on YouTube: on TikTok: Told by Nomads Podcast: Management: Collective:

Becoming a Globally Minded, Multi-Hyphenated, Ambitious Leader with Akua Nyame-Mensah

Ep. 651
On today’s episode of the As Told By Nomads podcast, Tayo is joined by Akua Nyame-Mensah, a certified executive and leadership coach who helps leaders best focus their time and energy. From Ghana to the United States, Akua grew up on 4 continents and developed quite the distinctive world view as a result. Coming into her own identity and studying the diverse range of blackness, she not only began to value introspection, but also to reckon with her deep love for varying perspectives and their great importance.  Nyame-Mensah made use of her multicultural background and this desire and ability to empathize through her work as a leadership coach, and today she talks about just that. Coach Akua acknowledges that people learn differently and focuses intensely on how she can best communicate her expertise, find new definitions for success, and embrace diversity. Most importantly though, Akua has used her difference as a coach to make a difference, and she continues to encourage others to embrace theirs every day. The Finer Details of This Episode: Growing up on 4 continentsComing into Akua’s identityStudying the range of blacknessAccess to historySeeing things from different perspectives The value of introspectionThe Coaching FellowshipLinks: Connect with Akua Nyame-Mensah on: Website: with Akua: with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo’s Website: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on YouTube: on TikTok: Told by Nomads Podcast: Management: Collective:

Interrupting Supremacy Culture with Ritu Bhasin

Ep. 650
Joining Tayo Rockson on the As Told By Nomads podcast is Ritu Bhasin, author of The Authenticity Principle, public speaker, and former lawyer.  Growing up as a Punjabi minority with immigrant parents in Canada, Bhasin rarely felt comfortable in the classroom.  Her white classmates berated her for her skin tone and culture as a child, and it stuck with her.  It wasn’t until she quit her job as a lawyer and embarked on a yoga retreat that she discovered how much the discrimination impacted her.  She’s had over 20 years of therapy at this point, and she’s found that such injustices as discrimination and  cultural appropriation have led her down a path to internalize whiteness, feel ashamed of her culture, and experience extreme unhappiness.  Now, as a public speaker and author, Bhasin is committing to authenticity.  She wishes she could tell her younger self to stop trying to fit in and that fitting in is not a substitution for belonging, but since she can’t, Ritu has started to share that knowledge with others.  Bhasin isn’t alone in this experience, and neither is anyone else, although sometimes it may feel that way.  So listen in to today’s conversation, and you too might unlock the magic and freedom that is embracing your authentic self.The Finer Details of This Episode: Growing up as a Punjabi minority in CanadaHow bullying impacted Ritu’s mental healthCultural appropriation Finding solace in ancestral rootsInternalizing whitenessCommiting to authenticity The performing and adapting selvesLinks:Connect with Ritu Bhasin on: Website: Authenticity Principle Book: Masterclass: with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo’s Website: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on YouTube: on TikTok: Told by Nomads Podcast: Management: Collective:

Reducing the Stigma for Mental Health with Melissa Skye Morgan

Ep. 649
Today, Tayo is joined by Melissa Skye Morgan, a full time Psychiatric NP student and mom.  The pair chat about facing discrimination as children, navigating trauma, and creating boundaries.  As the adopted child of two white parents, Morgan missed out on that personal education on the Black experience.  After all, it wasn’t until she was an adult that she started to reckon with the trauma she suffered as a young girl.  Having confronted some rather hard truths since then, however, Morgan has come to understand the power of perspective and the importance of creating boundaries.  As a student embarking on her own psychiatric journey, Melissa seeks to destigmatize mental health.  It’s about time that we start having open conversations about it, and today, Melissa and Tayo do exactly that.The Finer Details of This Episode:Growing up in a white familyFacing discrimination as a childPerspectiveCreating boundariesUnpacking traumaMental health stigmaLinks:  Connect with Melissa Skye Morgan on: Melissa Skye on TikTok: Connect with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo’s Website: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on YouTube: on TikTok: Told by Nomads Podcast: Management: Collective:

Having a Career Reinvention: Finding a Meaningful Career as a Multicultural Leader with Isabelle Peyrichoux

Ep. 648
This week on As Told By Nomads, Tayo connects with Isabelle Peyrichoux to talk about clarifying your purpose, finding what success means to you, and creating a home inside yourself.  Peyrichoux is a career reinvention coach who helps thousands of frustrated individuals leave their jobs to find their dream careers.  Working with clients of all ages from all over the world, she believes that everyone deserves the right to a meaningful career.  Following her own professional reinvention and the journey to become a career coach, she found that a lot of people feel like they lack meaningful purpose, and therefore meaningful work.  Peyrichoux doesn’t believe that to be true, but she’s familiar with the hardships and doubts that arise in searching for that special something.  It’s all about following the right blueprint for yourself - by leaving all biases, cultural conditioning, and notions of success at the door, you allow yourself to forge your own path in this life.  Peyrichoux firmly believes in this fact, and she seems to have found success for herself and thousands of others so far.  Become one of the enlightened ones yourself and listen in to her and Tayo’s inspiring conversation here today.The Finer Details of This Episode: Following the right blueprintFinding a home inside yourselfClarifying your purposeConditioning Defining successExperiencing doubtLinks: Connect with Isabelle Peyrichoux on: Isabelle on LinkedInIsabelle's WebsiteWork with IsabelleConnect with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo's WebsiteTayo on LinkedInTayo on TwitterTayo on YouTubeTayo on TikTokAs Told by Nomads PodcastUYD ManagementUYD Collective