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How Comedy Drives Sales with Shelby Dash And Kristina Clifford

Ep. 632

Today on the As Told by Nomads podcast, Shelby Dash and Kristina Clifford discuss the concept of comedy as a means to build community and an online following. The pair of women open up this episode by discussing why they decided to take the leap into comedy. While they both originally had their sights set on a Hollywood acting career, plans changed over time, and Shelby even went on to become a screenwriter. Eventually, however, Dash and Clifford decided to take their talent to social media creating comedic content for different brands.

They argue that comedy videos develop a large sense of community and draw from personal experiences. Each time they make another video, the pair must take into account their audience, their platform, new angles on familiar ideas, and, of course, a sense of humor. Given that the women post a majority of their videos online, they’re forced to contend with the ever present cancel culture. They note that while they do make mistakes, they also try to learn from them each and every day. After all, working in an industry that relies on social media platforms that evolve in the blink of an eye, you have to continue learning just to keep up with changing trends and features. Above all else though, Shelby and Kristina find that so long as they make a positive impact on their audience, all is right in their world.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Why Shelby and Kristina took the leap into comedy
  • Shelby and Kristina’s roles as screenwriters
  • Social media as a platform for comedy
  • Creating comedy videos 
  • Cancel culture 
  • Learning the comedic advertising industry
  • What social media is right for you
  • The importance in resonating with your audience




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Failing Your Way to Success Through Improv with Erin Diehl

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