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Building a Career You Love While Owning Your Identities with Julissa Arrington

Ep. 653

On this episode of the As Told by Nomads podcast, Tayo is joined by Julissa Arrington, a fashion designer born in Oakland, California, and raised in Houston, Texas. She has a fine arts degree from San Francisco Art Institute, and her designs are inspired by architecture, structural lines, unconventional materials, and fabrics. Julia is not only a dynamic designer but is also Afro-Colombian and an Afro-Latina in tech.

Julissa discusses the possibility of working a 9 to 5 job while pursuing your dreams. She starts by explaining why she considers herself Afro-Latina, what attracted her to the fashion and technology industries, and how her career has developed. She also discusses the importance of inclusion, equity, and diversity in the tech sector. According to Julissa, if you put your all into what you have and truly take pleasure in it, it will take you to places you never would have thought possible. If you have ever experienced work-related dissatisfaction, you will be inspired by Julissa's wisdom.

The Finer Details of This Episode:

  • Why Julissa identifies as an Afro-Latina in tech
  • What drew Julissa to the fashion and tech industries
  • What the tech industry can be to be more inclusive
  • Words of wisdom to those who are unfulfilled at work
  • Julissa's career journey
  • Mental health and coping mechanisms
  • How women can embrace their individuality today
  • How Julissa uses her difference to make a difference


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Exploring Food Culture From Scratch with David Moscow

Ep. 661
My guest on this episode of As Told by Nomads is actor, producer, and host of From Scratch, David Moscow. Having made his film debut at age thirteen as the young Tom Hanks in Big, David has appeared in dozens of films, TV shows, and theater productions over a thirty-five-year career. He’s also explored food culture all over the world, and he joins me today to discuss how food is a connected force culturally, socially, and environmentally.We begin the episode by discussing how David, a city kid from New York, decided to tour the world and explore food cultures. During his childhood, David used to get glimpses of where his food came from, on fishing trips with his grandfather or apple picking upstate, but he had lost that connection as an adult. So he decided he wanted to figure out if a city person could get back to an understanding of food by learning to do things like harvesting wheat or making tequila, an idea that ultimately developed into From Scratch. Next, David talks through some of the lessons he’s learned while making the show and experiencing different food cultures, from developing respect for vegans to discovering that having regular family meals may help you live longer. He also speaks to the loss of respect for food producers and the impact of food production on the environment, emphasizing that if changes aren’t made, the results may be catastrophic. David then discusses the process of finding his voice as a host, admitting his first couple of episodes were tough, until he realized his job was to act as an audience surrogate by asking questions and drawing out the experts’ experience and insight. And finally, David answers my regular question: how does he use his difference to make a difference? David responds that he wants to use the show to reframe who people see as heroes, focusing not on billionaires like Elon Musk but on raising up the hard-working people who harvest and produce our food.Episode Highlights:Learning about different cultures through food The communal power of food Food production and climate change How David found his voice as a host Changing the perception of heroesLinks:Connect with David Moscow:From Scratch Book: Scratch TV Show: with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo’s Website: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on YouTube: on TikTok: Management: Collective:

How to Live a Life in Crescendo with Cynthia Covey Haller

Ep. 660
This week, Tayo welcomes Cynthia Covey Haller, an author, teacher, speaker, and active participant in her community. Cynthia has written and contributed to several notable books, one of them being Live Life in Crescendo which she co-wrote with her late father, the legendary leadership expert Stephen R. Covey.In this episode, Tayo and Cynthia unpack the concept of living life in crescendo. As Cynthia explains, the crescendo mentality is all about changing your view of life and seeing it through a different lens. Just like music builds on the previous notes, you can also build on your past and previous experiences. Your best work is yet to come, and that’s exactly what living life in crescendo is all about. Cynthia talks about the importance of defining what success means for you, how to take control of your life, and why life doesn’t have to end after retirement. If you want to live your life to the fullest, listen in to Cynthia’s wise words here today, and choose to live it with the crescendo mindset.The Finer Details of This Episode: Live Life in CrescendoWhat is the crescendo mentality?Finding your missionHow a wrongful conviction turned into an inspirational storyDefining successThe importance of doing good Choosing to live life in crescendoLinks: Connect with Cynthia Covey Haller:‘Live Life in Crescendo’ by Stephen R. Covey and Cynthia Covey Haller: Connect with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo’s Website: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on YouTube: on TikTok: Told by Nomads Podcast: Management: Collective:

Building a Path to Financial Freedom with Jason Yarusi

Ep. 659
On the second episode of three on building wealth, Tayo Rockson chats with Jason Yarusi, a real estate syndicator and investor, who co-founded and manages Yarusi Holdings, a multifamily investment firm that has acquired over 1900 units since its inception five brief years ago.  Yarusi also works with 7 Figure Multifamily, a group of experienced investors seeking to  provide  a roadmap to other multifamily real estate investors in search of success.  Jason and his wife owe much of their prosperity to this idea of writing your own narrative and the 100 Mile Mindset. In fact, it was only after working as a bartender and in the construction industry, that Jason finally bought his first 94-unit apartment building.And today Jason wants to talk about how he got there.  Yarusi and Rockson discuss everything and anything from layering income streams and asset management to what it’s like to work with a spouse and how to analyze market trends.   Now $180 million later, Jason is all about communication and commitment.  Above all else, Yarusi believes in challenging yourself and pushing yourself to the next level. He believes that if you do that, then all the little obstacles life throws in your way are a lot easier to handle than you may have once expected.  So listen in to today’s in-depth discussion and learn how you, too, can start writing your own story.Episode Highlights:  Writing your own narrativeJason’s first 94-unit apartment buildingSingle-family vs. MultifamilyLayering income streamsMaximizing income on property with effective Asset ManagementWorking professionally with your spouse The importance of communicationAnalyzing market trendsThe 100 Mile MindsetControlling the controllablesLinks: Connect with Jason Yarusi: LinkedIn: with Tayo Rockson and the As Told By Nomads Podcast:Tayo’s Website: on LinkedIn: on Twitter: on YouTube: on TikTok: Told by Nomads Podcast: Management: Collective: