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354: How To Embrace Good Brand Citizenship To Fuel Purpose And Profit With Anne Bahr Thompson

Today's episode is with Anne Bahr Thompson. She is the founder of the brand consultancy Onesixtyfourth and former executive director of strategy and planning at Interbrand. In her book, DO GOOD: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit , she explains how to embed social consciousness into a company's DNA.

She offers a five-step model “that integrates doing good activities…with brand development to strengthen a brand’s reputation, foster greater loyalty, and enhance value creation. It’s a win-win-win solution that mutually benefits consumers, companies, and society.” The five steps of Brand Citizenship logically flow from one another:

  1. Trust: Don’t Let Me Down. Brands that deliver on their promises are trusted more. Digital communications and information channels have made reciprocity one of five key requirements for trusted brands.
  2. Enrichment: Enhance Daily Life. People identify more with—and are less price sensitive toward—brands that help them to simplify their routines, make mundane tasks less dull, and enrich their daily lives.
  3. Responsibility: Behave Fairly. In a post-recession, flattened, and transparent world, customers expect brands to treat their employees fairly, behave ethically, and be proactive in their business practices.
  4. Community: Connect Me. Brands that rally communities, motivate behavioral changes and fix social problems – provided they are not overtly political – attract more loyalists.
  5. Contribution: Make Me Bigger Than I Am. Brands that play an active role in creating a more positive and life-enhancing future enrich loyalists’ lives by improving life on the planet.

DO GOOD helps leaders understand where their organizations are starting on the ME-to-WE continuum of Brand Citizenship and how to develop metrics to measure the perceptual, social, and financial impact of initiatives and programs. The book presents a wealth of business and brand case studies—ranging from legacy businesses to social enterprises, including Apple, Google, AMAZON, Walmart, and Vaseline to H&M, SunTrust Bank, Chipotle, Trader Joe’s, IKEA, and Burt’s Bees, as well lesser known companies such as Plum Organics, Lush, and Seventh Generation. With DO GOOD, business leaders will get an edge on implementing Brand Citizenship: a win-win-win solution for customers, society, and the bottom-line.

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