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Episode 3: Five stars, one star, all star.

We have our first guest! Coffee all-star Nicole Battefeld joins us from isolation in Oz. Listen to the chat and check out her website for brew videos, articles and other good stuff. 

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  • 14. Win for you, win for us, lose for them

    After a short hiatus the Bicycle Bean Boys (nickname pending approval) are back as they ramp up the anticipation, the tension of Mission to Milan: The Greatest Ever Coffee Ride. Routefinding, sartorial choices, languages, and of course the bid to become World, European or Village Sign Champion. It's a quick funny one this week. Should be alright. Watch our YouTube channel it's banging: ANTI COFFEE YOUTUBE CHANNELEnjoy!
  • 13. Ramblings From the Road - NC500 Bonus Content

    A collage of bonus recordings we made on our journey around the NC500. Recorded in multiple segments starting at Inverness Castle we take you to our first village sign sprint before we record our tired tones of the first night in a B&B and on to the beginning of Day 2. We then catch up in Ullapool before a monologue of Tony fixing his broken bike in Scourie. We go over our thoughts upon reaching John O'Groats and then a final word from DS Nelson back at the castle upon finishing.Listen back to Part 1 & 2 of our North Coast 500 drama to get some context to these ramblings!
  • 12. MORE DRAMA on the NC500 (part 2 of 2)

    Here comes the conclusion to this immense trip around Scotland's North coast. What happened to Tony's bike? Did they finish in one piece? Will we ever find out what 'pillock' means? All these questions will be answered in the next instalment of Anti Coffee. Subscribe if you like this content. And tell your friends. If you don't like this content then at least tell your enemies and you'll waste some of their time / make them stupider.
  • 11. DRAMA on the NC500 (part 1 of 2)

    We've had a quick break, but now we're back to ramp up the next leg of our Greatest Ever Coffee Ride. This is the audio rip of our YouTube video documenting our brutal but also lovely NC500 training adventure. It could, would, and should, be viewed by clicking THIS honestly it's amazing you'll bloody love it.
  • 10. Two Pints Deep

    A largely unedited recording from the night before our NC500 training adventure. Alcohol was consumed. Was that the appropriate preparation for three days of back-to-back 200km riding? Only one way to find out. Follow us this week on instagram @anticoffee.anticoffee for real LIVE updates and visual content (yes you will get to see our faces) as we take on what some are calling 'a poorly thought out and reckless mission'. Enjoy dreamerz!
  • 9. NC500? Can't wait to see it

    The last proper one before we abandon civilisation for the great wild north. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves - there will still be moules frites at the Applecross Inn. In this episode we discuss some of the most important advice from our guests, we'll hear from the boss who we're hoping is VERY happy with our training (eating) progress and probably do ourselves out of any future tasty sponsorship deals. With a week to go before our first big training milestone, how are we shaping up to complete the Greatest Ever Coffee Ride. The only way to find out is by listening to Anti Coffee. Our instagram can be accessed @anticoffee.anticoffeeOr our website can be perused via THIS or you can email us on
  • 8. Full H.A.M on the Team Kit (with Leon Cerrone)

    Our Italian culture correspondent - Leon Cerrone - joins us this week to give us some insight on one of our biggest obsessions: 'la couture'. Hear his main do's and don'ts as well as some tales from his time as a Rapha model, his coffee routine, and some very enlightening bits about mental health. It's a winner. Check out Leon's Instagram (you must): @leon_cerroneCheck out Leon's video he did with Mr Porter HERE it is a piece of gold for anyone who struggles with their mental health and wants to hear more about Leon's journey. Check out Nick Frendo's charity ASCND HERE also an incredibly valuable resource for our mental health. Look after yourselves dreamerz. Until next week...
  • 7. Some big days, them (with Rab Wardell)

    This week we share some CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT NEWS about our mission to complete the Greatest Ever Coffee Ride. As part of that we need some guests from whom we can absorb super powers: that's our M.O. This week we've got the crown prince of endurance: Rab Wardell. An idol of ours, a literal Local Legend, a man famous for his West Highland Way FKT movie and someone who probably spends more time on his bike than off it. Hear about how Rab almost made his heart explode with caffeine, his take on our key obsessions of Strava, Village Signs, Le Couture and of course: coffee. Enjoy dreamerz. If you're gasping on more Rab content, check out his website HERE or Wardell Cycle Coaching HERE Check out Rab's WHW FKT video HERE or some of his "Old Enough to Know Better" videos HERE
  • 6. Champs Only (with Agnese Sokolovska)

    This show - it's champs only. This week we're joined by reigning World Coffee Master Agnese Sokolovska. Having not just endured, but WON one of coffee's most intense and gruelling competitions we were keen to try and absorb some of her powers of performance to spur us on in our pursuit of The Greatest Ever Coffee Ride. Onwards we go!Thanks so much to Agnese for lending us her time (and her powers!).