Anorak: The Happy Podcast For Kids


Happy Podcast for Kids: Imagination

Season 1, Ep. 5

“Do you close your eyes when you imagine?”

In this Imagination episode of Anorak: the Happy Podcast for Kids, our Little Editors ask the artist Murugiah whether he has an imaginary friend,  the children’s author Chris Haughton whether he is still proud of his old work and street artist Indie184 why she makes art.  


Thank you to Little Editors Laurie (6 years old, UK) Edie (5 years old, UK), Ollie (8 years old, USA), Naia (7 years old, USA), Sage (8 years old, USA), Indie (8 years old, UK), and Natalie (8 years old, UK). 

Created by Studio Anorak in collaboration with Audio Always.


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