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Happy Podcast for Kids: Words

Season 2, Ep. 6

"Where does the word 'word' come from?" "What does it feel like when you write a book?"

This latest episode of our Happy Podcast for Kids is all about WORDS. Our Little Editors have fascinating questions for Linguistics expert Dr Jing Huang and award-winning children's authors Chitra Soundar and Ming Chen of Ming & Wang. They kindly share with us tips about writing books and how many words the English language has.

Thank you to our Little Editors for their wonderful contributions, namely Leo (UK, 12 years old), Florence (UK, 10 years old), Valentina (USA, 8 years old), Molly (UK, 11 years old), Ema (UK, 7 years old), Alec (UK, 8 years old), Ines (UK, 7 years old) and Elias (UK, 6 years old).

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