Anorak: The Happy Podcast For Kids


Happy Podcast for Kids: Food

Season 2, Ep. 7

"What is your favourite sandwich?"

Our Little Editors have some very hard-hitting questions for chefs and chocolate makers for this special FOOD episode of our Happy Podcast for Kids.

And we have some superstars to answer them, namely Chef Eric Adjepong, Charlotte Flower from Charlotte Flower Chocolates, and Chef Chantelle Nicholson from Apricity Restaurant.

Find out why chocolate and pine make a good combination, what a chef does on a day-to-day basis and what's their favourite dishes, plenty to inspire a whole generation of budding cooks.

Thank you to our Little Editors for their wonderful questions, namely Edie (UK, 6 years old), Frida (UK, 6 years old), Edie (UK, 6 years old), Samuel (UK, 10 years old), and Maria (UK, 9 years old).

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