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Season 3, Ep. 125

Success is a journey, not a destination. 

Nowadays, more than ever in human history, the pressure to become successful is at a maximum high. Every time we open our social media apps, we see apparent successful people trying to teach others how to become successful, creating a sense of inadequacy in us. We often need to remember that the measure of success is not univocal, but it changes and varies because every one of us is different. We shouldn't feel the pressure to bring ourselves or our own business to the next level just because we see other people doing it; We should embrace our own journey. Remember, the key to success is not to arrive there but to be ready for it. 

In this episode, I am joined by Xitlalt Herrera, the Founder, and CEO of X Level Inc. Xitlalt is a multi-talented & inspirational entrepreneur dedicated to reinventing the fashion and entertainment industry through diversity, empowerment, and positivity. She is a taste-maker who guides people and brands while keeping their essence. Xitlalt has over 22 years of experience in the Entertainment and Fashion Industries, such as 15 years with the Luxury Fashion Retailer Neiman Marcus. She is a sought-after Creative Director for private and non-profit worlds for projects or brands that need reinvention. Xitlalt is also a Public Speaker, Award-Winning Producer and has extensive experience in media and public relations. Her true passion is philanthropy, and she is involved in different organizations in San Antonio, New York, LA, and Latin America.

Tune in to Episode 125 of Amiga, Handle Your Shit, and learn more about Xitlalt’s background, how she started working for Neiman Marcus, and the inspiration behind her successful company, X Level Inc. 

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Xitlalt’s background and the meaning of her unique name (5:56)
  • How Xitlalt was recruited by Neiman Marcus (12:19)
  • Xitlalt’s divorce and how it lead her to bring her company to the next level (21:54)
  • The meaning behind Xitlalt’s company logo (27.52)
  • The three branches of X Level Inc. (29.10)
  • Why Xitlalt decided to donate 3% of her profit to charity (33.49)

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    What if those close encounters with your community's struggles are just life preparing you to become the change you want to see? In this episode, I'm truly honored to welcome Senator Susan Rubio. Senator Rubio was elected to the California State Senate to represent District 22 in Los Angeles County. She is the first Latina Chair of the Senate Insurance Committee and is on the Senate leadership team as Assistant Majority Whip. She was born in Juarez, Mexico, and is the proud daughter of a former bracero worker and a housekeeper. She attended East Los Angeles College and later earned a Master's Degree in Education from Azusa Pacific University. Throughout our conversation, you'll hear about Senator Rubio's journey into politics, how her role as a public school teacher for 17 years influenced her decision to become a politician, and how she navigated the transition from public educator to legislator. You'll also hear about Senator Rubio's work on protecting domestic violence victims, the improvements she and her team have made so far, and the things she is working on to change soon.  Additionally, you'll hear about Senator Rubio's plans to propose a comprehensive immigration reform to ensure families' health and well-being, her tips and advice on how amigas can handle their shit, and more.Tune in to Episode 166 of Amiga, Handle Your Shit, and learn more about this incredible Latina's commitment to improving the lives of thousands of people in District 22.In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Senator Rubio's background and how she got into politics (6:00)How Senator Rubio navigated the transition from public educator to legislator (11:40)How hard it is to bring people together in politics (15:20)Senator Rubio talks about her work on protecting domestic violence victims (22:00)What to say and what to avoid saying to domestic violence victims (27:30)Senator Rubio explains the need for redefining domestic violence (32:10)Tips and advice on how amigas can handle their shit (41:20)Connect with Susan:WebsiteLet's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne website
  • 165. 3 Unconventional Truths with Jackie Tapia Tapia

    How ready are you to embrace the unexpected and set the stage for an extraordinary 2024?Amigas, as we stand on the threshold of a new year, have you contemplated the potential impact of embracing unconventional truths in shaping your journey? What if 2024 could be the year where you challenge conventional wisdom, awaken dormant potentials, and chart a course that defies expectations? Discover the power of unconventional truths that are the key to unlocking a transformative and fulfilling year.Tune in to Episode 165 of Amiga, Handle Your Shit, as Jackie reflects on a refreshing perspective on navigating the challenges and opportunities that 2024 might present. Jackie emphasizes the importance of awakening your anointing scent, critical thinking skills, and outlandish self. She shares insights on trusting your inner voice, questioning conventional narratives, and embracing selfishness as a means to personal empowerment.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Welcoming 2024 (01:34)The Three Essential Truths for 2024 (02:54)Awaken Your Anointing (05:30)Navigating Critical Thinking (08:42)Lessons from Movies: Contagion and Leave the World Behind (09:18)Embracing Your Outlandish Self (13:40)Jackie's Vision for 2024 and a Call to Critical Thought (15:42) Let's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne websiteBuy The Amiga Way’s BookShopmy Store
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  • 163. Rethinking Wealth with Jackie Tapia Tapia

    Ever pondered the true essence of wealth?It's a concept that transcends the confinements of conventional financial measures. Beyond the tangible realm of possessions and money, it extends into intangible realms—ideas, joy, love, and profound connections. Imagine a wealth that isn't merely counted in currency but woven into the fabric of life experiences. What does wealth mean to you? Is it an intricate blend of moments, relationships, and a deep connection to the world around you?Tune in to Episode 163 of Amiga, Handle Your Shit, as Jackie reflects on the concept of wealth and its various dimensions in her own life. From intentional spending to fostering connections with conscious individuals, she shares insights on how redefining wealth has transformed her perspective and also explores the significance of mental corrections, insider tips, and success strategies, presenting a roadmap for listeners to navigate their own paths to wealth.In This Episode, You Will Learn:Reflecting on the wealth derived from life experiences (02:02)Embracing spiritual guidance and intentional living (04:04)The Amiga Way to wealth: A holistic, abundant approach (07:01)Discovering wealth through divine connections in unexpected places (15:14)Invitation to the Wealth Wine and Women event in Santa Monica (18:28)Let's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne websiteBuy The Amiga Way’s BookShopmy Store
  • 162. Resilience and Activism: Stories of Successful Latinas in Hollywood with Andrea Navedo and Patricia Rae

    What is it like to succeed as a Latina in Hollywood?In today's episode, a little over a month after the actors' strike ended, we revisit my conversations with Andrea Navedo and Patricia Rae. Andrea Navedo is an Award-winning Actress, Director, Keynote Speaker, and Author of the book "Our Otherness Is Our Strength: Wisdom from the Boogie Down Bronx." Patricia Rae is a professional Actress, Podcaster, and Producer with over 35 years of experience. She is known for her role in "Mary Full of Grace," "The Big Wedding," with Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams, Diane Keaton, and Susan Sarandon, and her role as Judge Delgado in the TV Series, "All Rise."In my conversation with Andrea, the star from "Jane The Virgin" talked about her experiences as a Latina in New York, healing from abuse, how to become captains of our own ship, and why we, as Latinas, tend to second-guess and hold ourselves back. Patricia, on the other hand, talked about society's polarization, how she uses her platform to address and fight against social injustice, and her thoughts on the reasons behind the actors's strike that recently ended. Tune in to Episode 162 of Amiga, Handle Your Shit, and relive the powerful stories of these inspiring Latinas. In This Episode, You Will Learn:Andrea talks about her life growing up in The Bronx (5:40)Be the captain of your ship (9:50)Why we, as Latinos, tend to hold ourselves back (15:40)Patricia on the creation of her podcast (24:30)Patricia talks about the actors' strike (34:00)How can Latinas handle their shit, according to Patricia Rae (39:40)Connect with Andrea:InstagramIMDbGet Andrea's book, "Our Otherness Is Our Strength: Wisdom from the Boogie Down Bronx."Connect with Patricia:IMDbInstagramTwitterListen to the Believe This podcast!Let's Connect!WebsiteFacebookInstagramLinkedInJackie Tapia Arbonne website