Yuval Noah Harari & Kristin Skogen Lund: Is technology moving too fast for us humans to keep up?

Season 1, Ep. 76

– The information system is broken. 

This short judgment of what is one of the core problems in society, belongs to Yuval Noah Harari. In this special episode of the podcast «OBF-podden», Harari is interviewed by Kristin Skogen Lund, the CEO of Schibsted.

Yuval Noah Harari is a famous historian and writer. With his three major successes, «Sapiens», «Homo Deus» and «21 Lessons for the 21st Century», he has sold over 40 million copies of his books. This fall he was a keynote speaker at Oslo Business Forum.

In the conversation, Harari and Skogen Lund talks about technological development, what AI represents in a historical perspective and about the broken information system.

They will also elaborate about questions like:

  1. Why do algorithms have to be designed in a way that understands that people will change?
  2. Why does Harari mean that conservatism is disappearing? And what are the consequences?
  3. Can we find a new way to satisfy the real psychological needs of humans?

This conversation took place in Oceans AS's exclusive meet and greet lounge at Oslo Business Forum in September 2022.