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Stand up you're beautiful

Ep. 197


Fresh from Eltham Cosmetic Clinic, Lisa and i are chatting post mutual botox appointments!

We have a bone to pick with the Met Gala being back all over our feeds not even 12 months from when it was last out. As such, we have to start this week by discussing our favourite Met Gala 2022 looks.

First up in actual beauty news, Go To have launched their much much much anticipated hyaluronic acid serum and we are loving the timing on this drop. Someone at Ulta made a big oopsie with a very poorly worded email title linked to the late Kate Spade. Refy is launching a Skin Finish powder and Chloe Morello has teased her brand launch - Sireni coming as soon as this week.

Finishing up this weeks ep we're chatting beauty faves, a VERY long chat in our non beauty faves about Survivor (spoiler alert) and snacks.


Go to much plumper skin:

Kate spade email subject:

Refy skin - Skin Finish:

Chloe morello brand:

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