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Goop, Poop and Flying the Coop

Ep. 198


Hello and happy Monday dear listener friends! Long time no listen. Quick question for you ... Are you a glad wrapper? Or is Alex a sinner? Just doing a quick straw poll to kick off this week's episode.

In beauty news this week, Goop have released a box of 12 luxury diapers (or nappies if you're playing along at home) retailing for $120 USD, lined with alpaca wool and scented of bergamot. Why you ask? This time, not because they're Goop, but as a PR Stunt to take a stand against the luxury goods tax in america. Next up, we were blindsided this week by Samantha Ravandahl launching a brush collab with Sigma, Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson have exited TooFaced, Hillary Duff was featured in Womens Health, Emma Wiggle got married, and we end with a nod to increased model diversity seen at Sydney Fashion week.

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Goop Diaper:

Sigma x Samantha Collab:

TooFaced founders have left:

Hillary Duff in Womens Health:

Emma Wiggle's Wedding:

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