All Bases Covered


Beauty Breakdown: Setting sprays vs. facial mists

Season 2, Ep. 206


Hilariously, listening back to this episode we realised in hindsight that this was the beginning of Lisa's week of food poisoning saga. She's an idiot this episode, so please forgive her.

This week we're padding out the ep with some *much requested* chit chat before jumping into a beauty breakdown about the difference between Setting Sprays and Facial Mists. Because yes, there is one.


• Lisa's Caves Collect pants:

• H&M Linen shirts:

• Go To Prep Step:

• Mac Fix+:

• Hourglass Veil Primer:

• Charlotte Tilbury Setting Spray:

• All Nighter Spray:

• Tatcha Luminous dewy skin mist:

• Morphe matte setting spray:

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