All Bases Covered


Baby Botox Breakdown

Ep. 199


In the words of Lisa, we are clinging on to our sanity by a threeead this week. You'll notice that we're remote recording again this week because *insert house things here* things are a little cray cray.

Kicking things off with a story about Lisas foster dog finding a carcass (you're welcome if you're eating breakfast) before moving swiftly into beauty news... The biggest piece of beauty news this week has been all over our instagram feeds in the form of an influencer brand trip. In case you somehow missed it, this week Benefit re launched their iconic box blushes which are worth discussing because they're created with a translucent base powder meaning they won't go chalky no matter your skintone.

After beauty news this week, we're chatting Baby Botox, with a warning! Botox is great for anti ageing, but before you dive into just any cosmetic clinic, we have a word of advice.


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