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  • 14. Synthetic Data

    AI Right? Episode 14 - Synthetic DataOn the latest AI Right? podcast we were joined by David Tracy, Head of Data Product at Smart Data Foundry to discuss Synthetic Data.

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  • 13. Machine Learning within Climate Change

    AI Right? Episode 13 - Machine Learning within Climate ChangeOur latest podcast is focused on satellite imagery data, sustainability and how machine learning can impact climate change.
  • 12. Conversational AI

    AI Right? Episode 12 - Conversational AIOur latest podcast focuses on Conversational AI. We were joined by John Alexander, Head of Conversational AI for Arria NLG, a global leader within Natural Language Genenration (NLG). We discuss the evolution of NLG in particular Large Language Models and ChatGPT.
  • 11. A Year in AI

    AI Right? Episode 11 - A Year in AIIn this episode we recap this year within AI & ML discussing in particular how the industry recovered after Covid19, how data science communities have started to rebuild, how ML Ops has had a big impact in how companies are now operating and how the industry has evolved in its adoption and operation of data science activity. 
  • 10. Discovering ML Ops

    AI Right? Episode 10 – Discovering ML Ops   In this episode we welcome Audrey Leteve on to the show to discuss ML Ops and the impact that it has been making across Data Science.
  • 9. Exploring Data Engineering with ML

    Our latest episode of AI Right? is out now. This time out Kris Megan and Andy are joined by Euan Vance from MBN Solutions in welcoming Andreas Lang, lead Data Engineer at Altruistiq.
  • 8. Large Language Models

    AI Right? Episode 8 – Large Language Models  Our latest episode of AI Right? Is out now. Megan, Andy & I welcome Christina Bodidou from the BBC on to the show to discuss:Getting to know ChristinaRecommender SystemsOpen Ethics Course at the Open Data InstituteAre companies using data ethically?Pre trained models having existing biasesWhat is a Large Language Model?Where do we most often interact with LLM’s?