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After 30 with Cara Eriguel

Aging gracefully: Redefining beauty and wellness for Women in their 30s and beyond

Let’s be real— age really takes a huge toll on us physically. Especially Women. Anti-aging this, age rewind that, moisturize and apply buttloads of sunscreen 3 times a day to avoid wrinkles and such. What is so so bad about the natural way of things, really? Why are we so “anti Aging” when it’s something we cannot avoid? Let’s talk to a professional, shall we? On this episode, we talk about skincare in your 30s and beyond, understanding aging and our idea of beauty and embracing our natural beauty. Dear grateful ones, please welcome, dermatologist and content creator Dra. Jarische Lao-Ang

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  • After 30 Highlights: How do you find your passion?

    How do you find your passion? Where and how do you even start? How do you make a life, and not just a living?
  • Women, wealth and well-being: navigating financial challenges with confidence feat. Salve Duplito

    We have a wealth of information available to us on the internet, thousands of books on finance— how to grow your money, how to pay all your debts etc. But why are a lot of us still having trouble managing our finances: saving, getting out of debt, feeling like we never have enough? Women, most especially, have had (and continue to have) deeply rooted financial challenges. On this episode, we have with us back on the show, talking about overcoming financial hurdles, the importance of financial literacy and shifting and improving your relationship with money — your financial beshie— Salve Duplito!
  • Breathe Easy: How to unwind and relax in a world on the move

    In a world that’s constantly on the move, finding time to unwind can feel like a luxury. But hitting the brakes every now and then is not just a luxury, but a necessity for our mental and emotional well-being. Finding calm in the chaos is a superpower, and it has been proven time and again, that relaxation is the key to survival. A well-oiled machine achieves optimal performance, right? (Pun intended, haha)
  • Invest in your future: Why you should definitely invest in real estate in 2024 feat. Alex Zeta

    There are still so many myths and misconceptions around investing in real estate and now is the perfect time to talk about it — why investing in real estate IS your future — we have with us back on the show, someone who knows the ins and outs of real estate, Real estate broker and consultant and content creator , Alex Zeta!Like visit for more information
  • THRIVING IN 2024: From Overwhelmed to Empowered

    Picture this: You, empowered, taking these steps and transforming your year. Thriving. At peace. So determined and sure of your every step. No time, no energy, no mistake, no pain or joy wasted. Every year , we’re given the chance for a new beginning , to restart, to take on all of our experiences and use them to propel us even further, and bring us closer to the version of ourselves we want to be.
  • Why Long term relationships end and how to get through it

    Today we're diving into a topic that's as complex as it is relatable – the art of healing from a long-term relationship breakup. Like most of you, (probably) , holler if you’re as affected as I am, haha , we kinda feel like we’re going thru this kathniel breakup too. long-term relationships, they're like a rollercoaster. Ups, downs, twists, and turns. But sometimes, that rollercoaster comes to a stop, and we find ourselves navigating the aftermath. let’s explore why these relationships sometimes hit the brakes and how to bounce back stronger than ever.
  • You are what you eat: Mindful eating can save your life

    Processed foods have become a significant part of our diets, whether for convenience or as our go-to 'comfort foods'. But you are indeed what you eat, everything you consume affects you entirely, (your physical body, your mind, your emotions). We talked to Cancer Survivor Charity Marohombsar and renowned Medical Oncologist Dr. Alex Delgado about how mindful eating can definitely save your life.
  • Revive and Thrive: Reigniting your Passion and Creativity

    When passion starts to feel like it’s barely hanging on, you need to be forgiving of yourself and your circumstances. And know that there could be a number of reasons as to why you are here, and this is all happening for you. Here are some possible reasons why you’re feeling lost or floating, and how you can revive your passion and Thrive