Adam Buxton is a British comedian man.

British comedian Adam Buxton talks with interesting people. The rambly conversations are sometimes funny, sometimes more serious with funny bits. Adam makes the jingles and records the intros and outros for most episodes


Adam talks with British musician Richard Dawson who performs two songs: The Almsgiver and Judas Iscariot.Conversation recorded face to face in Newcastle on 14th October, 2021Thanks to Ben Tulloh for conversation editing and Séamus Murphy-Mitchell for production supportArtwork by Helen GreenRELATED LINKSSPOTIFY PLAYLISTRICHARD DAWSON - THE RUBY CORD (LIMITED EDITION LP) - 2022 (DOMINO)BULBILS (RICHARD AND SALLY PILKINGTON) (BANDCAMP)Richard: "A few particular bulbils highlights if you are on limited time (nb - we all are)"70 - 6060 - Golem In The Spring ('Where Jackdaws Sleep')50 - Conspiracy faeries ('Will o wisp tug o war')47 - Ambient Music of Northumberland ('Safe Haven')30 - Journey of the Canada Goose23 - Courage ('You')RICHARD DAWSON AND SALLY PILKINGTON ON LOCKDOWN PROJECT BULBILS by Patrick Clarke - 2020 (THE QUIETUS)9 SONGS THAT HAVE INFLUENCED RICHARD DAWSON - 2017 (THE LINE OF BEST FIT WEBSITE)RICHARD DAWSON - KING OF UNEASY LISTENING by Jude Rogers - 2019 (GUARDIAN)RICHARD DAWSON - JUDAS ISCARIOT (MINUS BEGINNING) Recorded for the podcast - 2021 (YOUTUBE)RICHARD DAWSON - THE HERMIT (VIDEO TRAILER) - 2022 (YOUTUBE)RICHARD DAWSON - JOGGING - 2019 (YOUTUBE)RICHARD DAWSON LIVE AT THE BARBICAN - 2020 (YOUTUBE)THE SMUDGING RITUAL: RICHARD DAWSON TOUR PORTRAIT Directed by Harry Wheeler - 2015 (YOUTUBE)HEN OLGEDD - TROUBLE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - 2020 (YOUTUBE)BEST QAWWALI OF NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN - 2017 (YOUTUBE)HENRY MAKOBI - SOMENI VIJANA (YOUTUBE)LADY GAGA PUKING DURING PERFORMANCE - 2012 (YOUTUBE)