Adam talks with British musician Richard Dawson who performs two songs: The Almsgiver and Judas Iscariot.Conversation recorded face to face in Newcastle on 14th October, 2021Thanks to Ben Tulloh for conversation editing and Séamus Murphy-Mitchell for production supportArtwork by Helen GreenRELATED LINKSSPOTIFY PLAYLISTRICHARD DAWSON - THE RUBY CORD (LIMITED EDITION LP) - 2022 (DOMINO)BULBILS (RICHARD AND SALLY PILKINGTON) (BANDCAMP)Richard: "A few particular bulbils highlights if you are on limited time (nb - we all are)"70 - 6060 - Golem In The Spring ('Where Jackdaws Sleep')50 - Conspiracy faeries ('Will o wisp tug o war')47 - Ambient Music of Northumberland ('Safe Haven')30 - Journey of the Canada Goose23 - Courage ('You')RICHARD DAWSON AND SALLY PILKINGTON ON LOCKDOWN PROJECT BULBILS by Patrick Clarke - 2020 (THE QUIETUS)9 SONGS THAT HAVE INFLUENCED RICHARD DAWSON - 2017 (THE LINE OF BEST FIT WEBSITE)RICHARD DAWSON - KING OF UNEASY LISTENING by Jude Rogers - 2019 (GUARDIAN)RICHARD DAWSON - JUDAS ISCARIOT (MINUS BEGINNING) Recorded for the podcast - 2021 (YOUTUBE)RICHARD DAWSON - THE HERMIT (VIDEO TRAILER) - 2022 (YOUTUBE)RICHARD DAWSON - JOGGING - 2019 (YOUTUBE)RICHARD DAWSON LIVE AT THE BARBICAN - 2020 (YOUTUBE)THE SMUDGING RITUAL: RICHARD DAWSON TOUR PORTRAIT Directed by Harry Wheeler - 2015 (YOUTUBE)HEN OLGEDD - TROUBLE (OFFICIAL VIDEO) - 2020 (YOUTUBE)BEST QAWWALI OF NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN - 2017 (YOUTUBE)HENRY MAKOBI - SOMENI VIJANA (YOUTUBE)LADY GAGA PUKING DURING PERFORMANCE - 2012 (YOUTUBE)