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Talking human to human: disability in a pandemic

With the pandemic likely to have a disproportionate impact on disabled staff, we ask how workplaces and individuals can respond successfully. Joined by Jane Hatton, CEO and founder of Evenbreak, and Acas workplace adviser Caroline Sandy, we look at:

  • What a good conversation around disability looks like 
  • Common myths 
  • How to ask for adjustments, especially when you think your workplace may not be supportive

Episode resources: 


Access to work

Reasonable adjustments

Improving equality, diversity and inclusion in your workplace

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LGBTI+: pride and support at work

Do all employers take pride in their people? In this episode we focus on the importance of organisations supporting their LGBTI+ communities and what practical steps they can take to be a more diverse and inclusive workplace.We are joined by Lucie Garvin, Deputy Chair of the Acas LGBTI+ & Allies staff network; Tom Price who is the Senior Leader Champion for the Acas LGBTI+ & Allies staff network and Emma Dunn, Chair of a:gender, the cross-government network supporting trans and intersex staff across government. We discuss:·Issues affecting LGBTI+ people at work·How to set up an LGBTI+ & Allies staff network·Celebrating Pride and continued LGBTI+ supportEpisode resources:Advice and guidance on how to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in your workplace: our free equality, diversity and inclusion policy template: Dunn’s blog on the Equality Act 2010: Garvin’s blog on how Acas relaunched it’s LGBTI+ & Allies staff network: the findings from research conducted by the Institute for Employment Studies (IES) on supporting trans employees in the workplace: contact an Acas adviser for specialist support,get in touchFor podcast and event updates sign up to our free email newsletterTranscript available