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  • Inclusive workplaces - supporting women through menopause

    Inclusive workplaces – supporting women through menopause In this episode we discuss how workplaces can better support women going through menopause. Helen Tomlinson discusses her role as the Governments first ever Menopause Employment Champion and Kate Nowicki gives her thoughts and observation from her role as Acas Menopause Champion.  We’re joined by:  ·        Helen Tomlinson – Head of Talent (UK & Ireland) for the Adecco Group and Menopause Employment Champion  ·        Kate Nowicki – Director of Dispute Resolution for Acas. We discuss:  ·        The role of allyship·        Importance of workplace culture ·        Implementing a menopause policy   Transcript available here:    Episode resources:  Further reading. Menopause at work guidance: Menopause and the law:  Upcoming events:. Conference: Living and working with menopause  For podcast and event updates sign up to our free email newsletter. 

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  • Mental health at work: reasonable adjustments

    In this episode we will explore how employers can support their staff with reasonable adjustments for mental health, creating a healthy work culture and demonstrating a commitment to good practice.We’re joined by:Jo Yarker, Managing Partner at Affinity Health at WorkJulie Denning, Managing Director of Working To Wellbeing and Chair of the Vocational Rehabilitation AssociationFrancoise Woolley, Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing at AcasWe discuss:what reasonable adjustments for mental health arewhat the law sayssupporting health and wellbeingTranscript available at resources:Find out more about reasonable adjustments for mental health at workYou can also:read research and case studies about reasonable adjustments for mental healthfind training on mental health in the workplace Use our templates for:making a mental health reasonable adjustment requestconfirming mental health reasonable adjustmentsreviewing and monitoring reasonable adjustments for mental healthNICE guideline: Mental wellbeing at workFor podcast and event updates sign up to our free email newsletter
  • What is an apprenticeship? Top tips and benefits to the employer and apprentice

    In this episode, Acas Senior Learning and Development Manager Garry Besford is joined by Acas apprentices to discuss apprenticeships and how they can benefit the individual and the organisation.We discuss:·      What an apprenticeship is·      The benefits of hiring an apprentice·      What makes a good apprenticeEpisode resources: Ben Littlewood's blog where he shares an apprentice's guide to loneliness at work and what support Acas can offer: 
  • Sickness Absence: How employers can better manage sick leave

    In this episode Acas Area Director, Paul Beard, President of the Society of Occupational Medicine, Shriti Pattani and the Managing Director of the Ape Group, Alfie Payne unpack the topic of sickness absence, offering managers first-hand advice and best practice on how they can better manage it.We discuss:What makes a good absence policyWhen and how to utilise occupational healthThe mistakes managers often make when managing sickness absenceHow to support staff through the sickness absence processTranscript available at: Episode Resources:Acas’s Absence from Work Guidance: of Occupational Medicine: on sickness absence in the workplace here.Read Dr Kabir Abraham Varghese (Society of Occupational Medicine) blog on referring employees to occupational health: podcast and event updates sign up to our free email newsletter
  • Work-related stress - lifting the pressure at work

    It is important for employers to recognise and take steps to reduce work-related stress for their staff, encourage them staff to seek help at the earliest opportunity if they begin to experience stress.We are joined by Rob McGreal, HSE Policy Lead for work-related stress and mental health and Francoise Woolley, Acas Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing.We discuss:·        What is work-related stress·        Legal considerations·        Supporting health and wellbeing Transcript available at resources:Advice and guidance on how to support mental health and wellbeing at work: on mental health in the workplace hereCaroline Bradshaw’s blog on ‘Make it routine to prevent work-related stress’: Nowicki’s blog on ‘Handling change, avoid stress’: stress and mental health at work advice and guidance: Working Minds Campaign: campaign is calling for a culture change across Britain’s workplaces where recognising and responding to the signs of stress becomes as routine as managing workplace safety.For podcast and event updates sign up to our free email newsletter
  • Allyship: positively moving the conversation of gender equality forward

    In this episode, Acas Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Julie Dennis, and co-founder of Utopia and Token Man, Daniele Fiandaca, explore the importance of allyship in the pursuit for gender equality in the workplace, and in wider society.This episode will cover a variety of allyship-related topics, some of which include; what is allyship, how men and women engaging in and committing to allyship benefits everyone, and suggestions for what organisations and leaders can do to encourage allyship, and reduce gender disparities in their workplace.Episode Resources·      Equality and Diversity At Acas:·      Menopause and the Law:·      Menopause at Work:·      If Your Treated Unfairly at Work:·      Acas Training:·     Token Man Website:·     Masculinity in the Workplace report: contact an Acas adviser for specialist support, get in touchFor podcast and event updates sign up to our free email newsletterTranscript at
  • Discussing menopause at work

    Supporting the menopause at work is important for both employers and their staff. In this episode we will discuss how organisations can create a supportive and inclusive environment, and the considerations they should be aware of to help their staff with menopause at work.We are joined by Haitham Hamoda, Clinical Lead for the menopause service at King's College Hospital and the immediate past Chair from the British Menopause Society, and Kate Nowicki, Director of Dispute Resolution at Acas.We discuss:·        How to handle menopause at work·        Creating a supportive environment·        Legal rights and considerationsEpisode resources:Advice and guidance on how to handle menopause at work: British Menopause Society support and advice: Cheng’s blog on ‘Normalising the menopause’: Piertney’s blog on ‘Breaking the silence on the menopause’: contact an Acas adviser for specialist support, get in touchSign up to menopause and the workplace trainingFor podcast and event updates sign up to our free email newsletterTranscript available at