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Creating good work in Manchester: why people management matters

What is good work? Does better people management really make a difference to productivity? In this episode, we focus in on good work in Manchester. We look at how the joint work by Acas, CIPD and Manchester Growth Hub is highlighting just how critical investing in people management skills is to creating good employment – even in a pandemic.


We’re joined by Ian McArthur head of the Greater Manchester good employment charter, Daphne Doody, head of CIPD in northern England, and Terry Duffy, Acas area director for the northwest of England. We unpack:

  • The argument and evidence for good work practises
  • How better people management changes work for the better
  • What impact COVID-19 has had – and might continue to have – on making working lives better


Episode notes:


Manchester’s Good Employment Charter, which also includes links to free resources is here:

You can read the joint report and find links to useful resources:

If you're looking for tailored support to improve your workplace culture and practises, check out our website:

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