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Bereavement and work

Experiencing a bereavement can be a daunting and unsettling time. In this episode we discuss the support that organisations can give to help their staff with a bereavement, and the considerations they should be aware of, to provide a supportive and empathetic environment at work.

We are joined by Tracey Taylor-Huckfield, Director of People and Corporate Services at Sue Ryder, Andy Langford, Clinical Director at Cruse, and Lucie Garvin, Subject Matter Expert at Acas.

We discuss:

·        How to handle a bereavement at work

·        Supporting mental health and wellbeing

·        Legal rights and considerations 

Episode resources:

Advice and guidance on how to handle a bereavement at work:

Download our free bereavement policy template:

Acas Senior Policy Adviser, Adrian Wakeling’s blog on bereavement:

Sue Ryder online support: Online Bereavement Support | Sue Ryder

Cruse online support: When your employee is bereaved - Cruse Bereavement Support

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