7 Skills for the Future


Versatility - acceptance - gratitude

Season 8, Ep. 8

You're a talented and competent actor enormously excited to be in a touring production of one of the longest running plays in London's history - The Mouse Trap. You're successful and your career is taking off. And then boom! It's all whipped away from under your feet. Few of us can truly imagine what that must feel like and how you have to draw on so many skills and emotions to rise up, come through it and find positivity. Some of us may well have experienced something similar and will identify strongly with Francesca too.

Listen to this warming and mesmerising interview with Francesca Peplow. She describes how she responded to overnight unexpected and unwelcome change and how she has truly pivoted in retraining and finding a new niche for herself that still embraces acting and means she will emerge into our changed reality with even more skills in demand.

We, all of us, have to find ways to emerge, thrive and flourish in whatever is coming next, the changes that are already here and the ones to come. To move forward with strength, courage and resilience.

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