7 Skills for the Future


Season 1 Episode 2 Adaptability - find out how to nurture this skill so you can handle any change with ease and grace

Season 1, Ep. 2

Adaptability is an attractive quality. We all like to think of ourselves as being flexible and adaptable, a team player, “going with the flow”. It means that we are not rigid or stuck and that are open to change and challenges. I think if you were to ask most people if they consider themselves to be open and adaptable, they would tell you ‘yes’.

 If you truly are adaptable then you are more likely to handle change with grace and ease, not be thrown by the unexpected and be a lot happier. Yet most of us are actually a lot more resistant to change than we might perceive ourselves to be. In this podcast I’ll explore why we are hard-wired to be adaptable but also why we are so resistant to change and some ways to build our adaptability skills.

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Resilience, gratitude and a mental health toolkit

Season 8, Ep. 6
Don't miss this inspiring and uplifting interview with the delightful actor Emmy Happisburgh. Emmy talks about the reality of becoming ill with COVID herself, losing all of her work overnight and how she has coped - particularly the importance of having a strong mental health toolkit. I absolutely love this idea - that we create this for ourselves and actively have strategies that we use each and every day.Hugely resilient, Emmy has continued working and creating and like many actors, has found this to be nurturing and crucial for moving forward positively. She talks of the roaring Twenties and how, as we start to emerge from this pandemic, there will be an outpouring of creative need - both in terms of audiences wanting to experience theatre again (or in my case desperate to!) and in actors and theatres wanting to perform and showcase new media and new pieces.We can all learn so much from this interview. Homeschooling, for Emmy, second time around has been something she has fully embraced as in the first lockdown she was too ill. But also having to accept that "for this time I am mum and housewife and that's ok" - we find it so hard to accept our current reality but Emmy gives us great examples of how we CAN do that and probably must.Listen now - or watch on Unimenta YouTube where there are additional fun clips of Emmy and her work. Emmy Happisburgh trained at The Poor School (Acting), Guildford School of Acting (Musical Theatre) and with Complicite (Physical Theatre) and has been a professional theatre and screen actor for over twenty years.Emmy has played leads and supporting roles in numerous theatre productions including the title role in “Harper Regan” last year at the Tabard Theatre in which her performance was “Mesmerising” (Spy in the stalls), “Excellent in this demanding role” (London Pub Theatres) and “A tour de force… leading with elegance and raw energy that scorches throughout” (The Play’s The Thing).Predominantly a screen actor, Emmy’s roles include Judy in multi-award winning short “The River” and the part of Sylvia in short film "Leaves for the Moon" by Dhruv Bhatnagar for which she won the BEST ACTRESS AWARD at Westminster Film Festival 2019.TV credits include featured roles in BBC 1 “Casualty”, Netflix “Murder Maps” and feature “Ghost” on Amazon.Emmy also writes and produces and co-founded theatre company Contentment Productions in 2018.#resilience #actor #crisis #mentalhealth #wellbeing #adaptability