7 Skills for the Future


Pivot - Learn - Pray

Season 8, Ep. 9

Anu is an award-winning choir director, a singer-songwriter, worship leader, children’s advocate and public speaker. It was an immense privilege to talk to her about the complete turnaround and pivot she had to create at the start of the pandemic. Like many of us, Anu's work was adversely affected and changed overnight.

Listen to this inspiring interview of how Anu turned her work around and discovered new work that demanded total and complete authenticity, taking risks and trusting herself. Now she is busier than ever and is working on exciting new projects. And yet it is the simple things that support us most:

  • the importance of taking one day at a time and really living by this and setting achievable tasks for that day
  • building in happy experiences and joy by getting moving, getting outside and how about a little salsa - me time
  • keeping communication with people who support you especially if you are alone a lot - having that support network around you

For added inspiration and joy, listen to Anu's new single out now: Back to You https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy6f34_-BZA

To find out more about Anu's work visit https://www.anuomideyi.com

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