7 Skills for the Future


Interview with Barb Garrison

Season 6, Ep. 4

Delighted to be interviewing fantastic careers coach Barb Garrison all the way from Boulder, Colorado. We talk about 3 key skills that we feel are absolutely crucial right now: empathy, adaptability and integrity. We first decided to do this episode before the COVID-19 crisis hit and originally we were going to focus on the importance of all 7 skills and how they show up in careers and with the people she coaches. But we decided it made far more sense to connect with the process of what we are all experiencing right now and to zero in on these three skills.

I love Barb's take on integrity and how we relate to that skill for ourselves, the world crying out for empathy right now and the huge, colossal necessity and task of being and learning how to be adaptable.

I hope to meet Barb in person one day. She hails from Colorado where I used to live many moons ago - a place that is very close to my heart. 

More about Barb:

A woman who has experienced successes in every type of career model from starting two of her own businesses, climbing the ladder at a worldwide corporation, managing a team at a national public company to consulting with fast-growing start-ups and family-owned businesses. She is an excellent planner, brainstorming partner and creative problem-solver with two decades of experience as a corporate manager, mentor, business owner and marketer.

Visit https://internalgroove.com 

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Season 6, Ep. 10
When everything around you is uncertain, when you feel anxious and confused, when you are buffeted and swayed by media, news and not sure what to believe.... can you really then still feel optimistic and hopeful? I say yes you can! You see, optimism definitely isn’t about positive thinking and putting a shiny gloss on everything and being happy all the time no matter what.Optimism is much more about being able to realistically assess and reframe challenging situations and setbacks, build optimism skills through being proactive and focusing on our internal locus of control. Where you choose to place your energy is critical to your overall wellbeing. Even in the midst of change and high uncertainty it is still possible to feel happy, productive and fulfilled.In the last few months, since the coronavirus exploded into all our lives, it’s like we are all living in the worst kind of bad movie, one that’s on continual rerun. There will be times when it can feel very challenging to be optimistic when everything around you is highly uncertain and when you yourself might be going through real hardship emotionally, mentally, financially. And yet, it is also crucial that we can tap into optimism and nurture it even so. Staying positive is actually a core ingredient in the recipe of successful coping in a crisis. In this episode I explain how we can do that. Listen now! #optimism #adversity #resilience #uncertainty