7 Skills for the Future


Discovery, Empathy and Dementia

Season 9, Ep. 6

This week, Emma Sue speaks to Penny Bell. An award-winning podcaster, Penny shares her story learning more about dementia, caring for loved ones, career changes, creating the Discovering Dementia and her experience as a nurse in the NHS. Penny’s mother was diagnosed with mixed dementia (Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia) and Penny wanted to share as much information about what she had learnt and her mothers quality of life. With her passion for media and podcasting she created her own - Discovering Dementia which recently won Best Wellbeing Podcast 2021. In her discussion with Emma Sue, Penny honestly shares her life changing career paths at a later stage and displays a number of the 7 Skills.  

PIVOT: Changing career paths drastically from nurse to podcaster with great success. 

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