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  • 12. Episode 12

    GROW UP!!! In this episode, Darrell and Scott feel the need to say those 2 words. In this exciting episode they discuss social media trash talking amongst adults and how that leads to bad behaviors by children in the community, in the schools and on the field. They also attack the issue of spectators taunting, name calling, and berating the officials on the field and the fact that they believe they have a right to do so. In addition, they discuss winning games by protest and how "not to act" in these situations. These are difficult discussions that have to be had, and the guys go at them aggressively. We hope you enjoy this newest episode.

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  • 11. World Series Special Episode

    Having trouble deciding which World Series destination to take your team to? Listen to this podcast for everything you need to know to pick the right one. Destination World Series events have exploded in recent years and we want you to make an educated decision when picking one. Give this special podcast a listen for the info you need.
  • 10. Episode 10

    EPISODE 10!!!! Scott and Darrell celebrate making it to the 10th episode and dive right into this past weekend and the weather challenges around the state of Florida, parents complaining to directors about umpires, why some players need state director approval to be added to a roster, and much more!
  • 9. Episode 9

    Our Best Episode Yet! Discussion regarding situations that occurred this past weekend at events, including parents taunting each other and coaches arguing with each other. More rules clarifications, including leaving your feet to avoid a tag and umpire judgement calls. How brackets work and why you may beat a team head to head Saturday but seed lower than them in bracket play. All of this and much more!!!
  • 8. Episode 8

    In this episode, Scott and Darrell talk more about roster rules, schedule requests, gate fees, and what goes into putting on a tournament.
  • Episode 7

    In episode 7, Scott and Darrell discuss more rules and weather procedures. They discuss the Florida bat rules, continue the discussion about EH and DH, bat boy and bat girls, and what is considered a "regulation" game. This and much more.