The Farm Podcast Mach II


Rediscovering Enchantment w/ Laura Shapiro & Recluse

Season 2

Enchantment, sacred dance, Gurdjieff, dancing deities, Charles Taylor, porous self, buffered/bounded self, porous self vs the bounded self, historic divide with the rise of secularism, Industrial Revolution, Protestant reformation, enchantment in non-Western cultures, the commonality of the mystical expanse in human culture/history, Deism, Deism as dividing line, artistic movements, Romanticism, magical realism, Aleister Crowley, chaos magic, the value of Crowley's lifestyle vs magical system, Oscar Janiger, Richard Alpert, LSD, Timothy Leary, John Lilly, ketamine, the physical changes in our brain w/ rise of secularism, quantum physics and the brain, the brain as a quantum computer, high weirdness, UFOs, ultraterrestrials, Mandela effect, the use of technology to "pierce the veil," neuroplasticity, the future of enchantment, Sidney Gottlieb, MK-ULTRA Mach II

Music by: Keith Allen Dennis


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Patriot Games I: The Alt-Right, White Russians & the Battle for the American Gladio w/ Doc Inferno & Recluse

Season 2
Alt-right, The Right Stuff blog, TSR, Michael Peinovich, Mike Enoch, Joseph Jordan, Erick Striker, Tony Hovater, Unite the Right rally, TSR's role in Unite the Right, National Justice Party, NJP, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Charles Bausman, Russia Insider, Bausman's links to TSR/NJP, Konstantin Malofeev, Eastern Orthodoxy, Monarchism, Traditionalism, Malofeev as Russia's George Soros, Basil the Great Charitable Foundation, FSB, Igor Strelkov/Girkin, Ukraine, Crimea, Donbass, Malofeev's sponsorship of insurgency/Russian forces in Ukraine, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, Wagner Group, Renaissance Capital, Mikhail Prokhorov, Marshall Capital, telecommunications, White Russians, Serge de Pahlen, Agnelli family, Italian fascism, Propaganda Due, Vladimir Yakunin, Alexander Trubetskoy, Jean Goutchkov, Intermaritime Bank of New York, Bank of new York, Bruce Rappaport, BCCI, Aleksabdr Goutchkov, KGB, Sidney Reilly, Operation Trust, Sovereign Order of Saint John, SOSJ, Captive Nations, OUN-B, Ukrainian question, military/intel officers in SOSJ, SOSJ links to terrorism/PATCON/SOSJ in Continuity of Government, COG, American Gladio, American stay-behind, special operations forces, Operation Bloodstone, modern SOSJ linked to Joint Special Operations Command, Dialogue of Civilization, Nicholas Papanicolaou, Rick Joyner, General William Boykin, Sean Moon, Rod of Iron Ministries, Abe assassination, Sean Moon links to Bausman, Alexander Dugin, EurasianismAfter first musical break (4:30): TSR, NJP and Charles BausmanAfter second musical break (1:01:40): Malofeev's spycraft and paramilitary adventures in Ukraine, White Russians, the Sovereign Order of Saint John, and the American GladioAfter third musical break (1:55:20): Sean Moon, Alexander Dugin and the new nationalismNote: this show was recorded prior to the attempted assassination of Konstantin Malofeev by Ukrainian-backed forces. Malofeev is the second traditionalist-oriented figure, behind Dugin's daughter, that has been targeted by this milieu. This should illustrate how seriously the Anglo-American/OUN-B axis regards this network.Declassified FBI docs: more on Moon's links to Abe's assassination, check here.Links to the first Far West show can be found here. The listener is strongly advised to view both of these series as part of a bigger picture.More information on the FBI's PATCON investigation and the Sovereign Order of Saint John can be found here and here.Music by: Keith Allen Dennis music by: Corwin Trails

WACL Redux: Far West Ltd and the Origins of WWIII Part I w/ Senate & Recluse

Season 2
World Anti-Communist League, WACL, Captive Nations, Organization of Ukrainian Nationalist-Banderite, OUN-B, Far West Ltd, private military companies, PMCs, private intelligence companies, PICs, origins of World War III, collapse of Soviet Union, Soviet Union's inevitable defeat/bankruptcy, KGB, Vladimir Kryuchkov, Perestroika, glasnost, Yuri Andropova. KGB front companies, Gorbachev, Bush I, Robert Gates, Colin Powell, Fritz Ermath, Robert Maxwell, Simeon Mogilevich, Russian mafia, Israel-Russia connection, Israel-Russian immigration, Bulgaria, Kintex, drug trafficking, arms trafficking, smuggling, KGB/Eastern bloc trafficking, Propaganda Due, P2, Turkey, Italy, Lyudmila Zhivkova, Golyamo Gradishte, Georgi Markov, British intelligence, Bulgarian connection, looting of Soviet Union, Kroll Associates, rise of Russian PMCs in post-Cold War, South Africa, post Cold War Africa, Angola, Executive Outcome, Strategic Consultants, Viktor Bout, KGB as gangsters, KGB behind PMCs, chemical biological warfare smuggling, Far West Ltd, origins of Far West, GRU, General Yuri Gustev, Dmitri Polyakov, Ukrainian connection in GRU, psychological warfareFirst musical break (06:30): End of Cold War, break-up of Soviet UnionSecond musical break (1:02:00): rise of Russian PMCs & AfricaThird musical break (1:55:00): Far West Ltd overviewOriginal WACL series Part I: The Farm Podcast Mach II: World Anti-Communist League Pt.1 | The Farm | Steven Snider with Moss Robeson on Apple PodcastsOriginal WACL series Part II: The Farm Podcast Mach II: WACL II | The Farm | Steven Snider with Moss Robeson and Keith Allen Dennis on Apple PodcastsSecret History of International Fascism Part V: The Farm Podcast Mach II: The Secret History of International Fascism V: African Edition w/ George of cavdef & Recluse on Apple PodcastsThird Barbarossa:THIRD BARBAROSSA. By ANTON BAUMGARTEN ( by: Keith Allen DennisMusic | Keith Allen Dennis ( Music by: Corwin TrailsCorwin Trails ( Ed Coffman, aka Don Diligent. RIP.