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The Farm Podcast Mach II

Environmentalism, Cybernetics, the CCRU and Sentient Oil w/ Jed & Recluse

Season 2

oil as sentient, how sentience is defined in the West, Reza Negarestani, the Cybernetic Cultural Research Unit (CCRU), Nick Land, theory-fiction, hyperstition, Negarestani's conception of oil, Islamic mysticism, Marx's conception of oil, Buckminster Fuller, the modern environmental movement, James Lovelock, MI5, Shell Oil, Gaia hypothesis, cybernetics, the influence of cybernetics on modern environmentalism, the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, The Power of Systems, Egle Rindzevičiūtė, the RAND Corporation, Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller family, the Club of Rome, "Limits of Growth," over population, Aurelio Peccei, oil surplus, Rockefeller manipulation of the oil surplus, how the oil surplus effects geopolitical events today, Russia, Ukraine-Russia War, natural gas, climate change, chemists as high priests, Fritz Haber, IG Farben, DuPont, The X-Files, "black oil"

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Music by: Keith Allen Dennis

Additional Music by: Double Veteran

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  • Oz's Curse, Carpenter's Madness & Cinema's Gnostic Golden Age w/ Robert W. Sullivan IV & Recluse

    The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum ,the Oz curse, the political allegory in Oz, gold standard, Greenbacks, Free Silver, William Jennings Bryan, Oz as allegory for Mystery tradition, Aleister Crowley, numerology, 93, 777, 42, Gnosticism, Wounded Knee, 1893 Chicago World Fair, Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz, Barbie, Stanley Kubrick, Eyes Wide Shut, In the Mouth of Madness, John Carpenter, Bailides, eXitenz, Phantasm V, occult casting in Madness, who really wrote Madness, Cybernetic Cultural Research Unit (CCRU), Madness as hyperstition/theory-fiction, Madness as harbinger of Gnostic "golden age in cinema, Madness in the context of Carpenter's "apocalypse trilogy, JFK Music by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: J. Money
  • Unraveling the Octopus w/ Jeremy Kuzmarov & Recluse

    American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders, "The Octopus," Danny Casolaro, Bill Hamilton, Inslaw, PROMIS software, CIA, financial tracking, "back door," Fred Alvarez, Cabazon Indian Reservation, Wackenhut, Michael Riconosciuto, drug trafficking, Casolaro's "suicide", Mark Lombardi, Interloc, Sissy Farenthold, Jonathan Beaty, the Lombardi-Casolaro connection, Nugan Hand, Australia, The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Danny Casolaro, Jim Keith, Kenn Thomas, Keith's strange death, Burning Man, J. Orlin Grabbe, Grabbe's disappearance, Zachary Treitz, Christian Hansen, Ann Klenk, Robert Maxwell, Maxwell's death, Robert Booth Nichols, Sam Israel, the Golden Lilly, Ted Gunderson, Gunderson's links to Nichols, Tray CasolaroMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Double Veteran
  • The Hoffa Mysteries IV w/ Steve Kopesky & Recluse

    Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters, Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance, the best suspects for Hoffa's likely murder, why Hoffa's body was never found, faux mafia hitmen, Donald "Tony the Greek" Frankos, Giant's stadium, Playboy, Detroit Partnership, Russell Bufalino, Frank Sheeran, the Syndicate, James Hoffa Jr., right wing populism, Bernie Sanders, recent Teamster politics, Lyndon LaRouche, the LaRouche organization, LaRouche infiltration of the Teamsters, Roy Cohn, UPS, recent Teamster politics, Robert DeNiro, The Irishman, Hoffa, Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino, Nicholson vs Pacino as HoffaMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Double Veteran
  • The Hoffa Mysteries III w/ Steve Kopesky & Recluse

    Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamsters, the World Anti-Communist League (WACL), Bay of Pigs, JFK, RICO Act, the Syndicate, Detroit Partnership, Russell Bufalino, Philadelphia mafia, Philadelphia mob wars, the Chicago Outfit, the Five Families, political intrigues of the Syndicate outside of New York, the mafia in New Orleans, the gangsterization of labor unions, Hoffa's incarceration, Frank Fitzsimons, Richard Nixon, the Teamsters and Nixon, Hoffa's disappearanceMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Matt Baldwin
  • A Family Affair: The Dark Side of the Counterculture w/ Orion St. Peter & Recluse

    Ben Morea, Black Mask, Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers, the STP Family, STP, LSD, anarchism, 1960s counterculture, Affinity Groups, the Family in Colorado, Rainbow Tribe, Gary Plunker Adams, Rainbow Gatherings, the strange deaths at Rainbow Gathering, Olympic Press, High Times, Dick Motherfucker, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Walter Breen, William Sheldon, pedophilia, NAMBLA, Hakim Bay, Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ) CIA, punk, crust, Travelers, Crimethinc, Playboy, Story of O, the New Left vs the counterculture, how the counterculture has subverted liberalism, International Werewolf Conspiracy, werewolvesAnd for your Farm swag, shoot a message to:orionoblivion@gmail.comMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Ilsa
  • A Family Affair: The Long, Strange Trip of Ben Morea w/ Orion St. Peter & Recluse

    Ben Morea, Black Mask, Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers, the STP Family, STP, LSD, anarchism, 1960s counterculture, Affinity Groups, the Living Theater, Julian Beck, Judith Malina, Mary Pinochet Meyer, Timothy Leary, Kennedy White House, Ford Foundation. Ram Das/Richard Alpert, Woodstock, Abbie Hoffman, Chicago 7, Yippies, Situationist International, Weather Underground, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Andy Warhol, The Factory, Ray Johnson, Valerie Solanas, Allan Van Newkirk, Olympic Press, High Times, Dick Motherfucker, Richard Lynch, Tierra Amarilla, Reies Tijerina, Dan Georgakas, Andrei Codrescu, Jim Dunnigan, Marion Zimmer Bradley, CIA, Black Panthers, White Panthers, Patty HearstMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: ilsa
  • The Hoffa Mysteries II w/ Steve Kopesky & Recluse

    Jimmy Hoffa, Robert F. Kennedy, "Get Hoffa Squad," Edward Grady Partin, drug trafficking, sex trafficking in the Gulf States, Carlos Marcello, Santo Trafficante, Pennsylvania mob, organized crime, the Syndicate, RFK's aggressive Justice Department, Bay of Pigs, Hoffa's links to the Bay of Pigs, Teamsters fund, the CIA's relationship with organized crime, CIA plots to assassinate Castro with the mob, the Church Committee, Dan Moldea, organized crime in politics, Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Syndicate's role in drug trafficking, the legacy of state-sanctioned drug trafficking, the 60's assassinations, was their actually a conspiracy in RFK's assassination? Music by: Keith Allen Dennis Music by: Double Veteran
  • Pulp Fiction, Velvet Revolutions & QAnon w/ Robert Guffey & Recluse

    QAnon, The Leech Woman, The Unearthly, The Shadow, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Q as a culture vulture, Donald Trump, Q's role the Republican nomination for Speaker of the House, Georgia Guidestones, the destruction of the Guidestones, Guidestones as psychological warfare, January 6, Q's role in Jan 6, John Shirley, Jan 6 as a color revolution, Q in Ufology, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), Michael Flynn, Christopher Mellon, Q's presence in the military and law enforcement, Skinwalker Ranch, Oath Keepers, Chris Marx, deep fake technology, AI, gang stalking, non--lethal weaponsMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis