The Farm Podcast Mach II


Near Dark, Vampires, and Confederate Undergrounds w/ JG Michael & Recluse

Season 2

Near Dark, vampire movies, "Fright Night," "From Dusk Till Dawn," "Lost Boys," Kathryn Bigelow, James Cameron, "Zero Dark Thirty," war propaganda, Bigelow's early career, "Point Break," "Strange Days," "The Hitcher," Eric Red, Red's accidental killing/attempted suicide, use of Western landscape; merger of horror and Western genres, "Near Dark"'s cult cast, "Near Dark"/vampires as AIDS metaphor in Reagan's America, vampires as stand-in for drug addiction, origins of Jesse's vampire "family," Jesse's vampire family as part of Confederate Underground, Confederate gold, Jesse James III, Jesse James IV, Confederate terrorism

Music by: Keith Allen Dennis

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