The Farm Podcast Mach II


Galton, Eugenics, AI and the School World Order w/ John Klyczek

Season 2

education system, education technology, "Ed-Tech," public schools, outcome-based education, creation of corporate workforce, competency-based education, Common Core, public=private partnerships, charter schools, community schools, charter vs community school factions, Sir Francis Galton, the legacy of eugenics, gifted program, gifted program vs basic education, Skinner, behavioralism, Skinner boxes, Skull and Bones, Society of Cincinnati, Daniel Coit Gilman, Trump administration, Biden administration, Obama administration, Betsy DeVos, the American Legislative Executive Council, ALEC, Utah SRA claims, Project BEST, nature vs nurture, the relationship between IQ and genetics, psychometrics, 23 and Me, data mining, educational algorithms, IQ-SEL, AI, VR, AR, gamification of education, social credit system, public school data as a means of training AI

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The Albacore Mysteries II Or: How I Learned to Love the Dahlia Society

Season 2
Tuna Club of Avalon, Albacore Club, gentlemen's clubs, Elizabeth Short, Black Dahlia murder, Henry E. Huntington, Huntington family, incest, Otis/Chandler family, General Harrison Otis, Harry Chandler, Norman Chandler, Elizabeth Short's ties to the military, the significance of 1947, twilight language of the Black Dahlia murder, 39, 22, Feast of Fools, Saturnalia, Feast of the Ass, Glasgow smile, Victor Hugo, "The Man Who Laughs," George Hodel, George Hodel's communist ties, George Hodel as a spy, the Philippines and the significance of, surrealism, German Expressionism, Dali, Man Rey, John Huston, Orson Welles, "The Black Dahlia" novel & film, James Ellroy, Brian DePalma, Pantages Theater, Masonic references, Jack the Ripper, Celtic paganism, sex tapes, pornography involving Hollywood, Frank Lloyd Wright, Lloyd Wright, Anne Baxter, Wright family and buildings, HJ Whitley, Charles E. Toberman, Masons, Shiners, William Potter Gale, Christian Identity, militias, far right, "Society," Zeph Daniel, Satanic ritual abuse, gang stalking, claims by Zeph, Brian Yuzna, Stuart Gordon, University of Wisconsin at Madison, August Derleth, HP Lovecraft, Lovecraft in fiction, Fortean, Screaming Mad George, use of surrealism in "Society," references to Albacore Club and Black Dahlia murder, military intelligence references, Billy as programmed killer, mind control, shape shifting, film as ritualMusic by: Keith Allen Dennis