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American Glutton

Grant Klein: Creative Director + Art Director, Father of Two

Grant returns to American Glutton to talk with Ethan about his weight loss struggles over the years and how they have been impacted by relationship changes and medical issues. Grant says the small changes he's recently made that have led to big results, including cooking for his children.

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  • Continuing to Change with Steven Meiers Dominguez

    Director and photographer Steven Meiers Dominguez returns to talk about the progress he's made since his last visit. Steven's eye for fashion and his bold, kinetic photographic style has seen him capturing exclusive events for stylish clients including The Museum of Contemporary Art, Fenty by Rihanna, Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Jeremy Scott, and many more.
  • Why Extremes Don't Work with Adam Bornstein

    Adam Bornstein is a NYT bestselling author award-winning writer and editor. For the past 20 years, Bornstein has been “the trusted voice in health” as the Fitness and Nutrition editor for Men’s Health and Women’s Health, Editorial Director at, and a columnist for SHAPE, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle & Fitness. Bornstein is a nutrition advisor for LeBron James, Cindy Crawford, Lindsey Vonn, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s also the founder of Born Fitness and Pen Name Consulting, co-founder of The Pump, the former Chief Nutrition Officer at Ladder, and the Vice President of Nutrition for FitOn, the largest fitness app in the world.
  • Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs with Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS

    Dr. Josh Axe returns to American Glutton to tell Ethan about his new book, "Think This, Not That" which offers science, stories andstrategies to transforming your life.
  • Feeding Your Family Economically, with Anthony Bartleson AKA "Meat Dad"

    Tony Bartleson, AKA Meat Dad, spent 20+ years as a union butcher who has gained a following sharing the industry secrets that allow him to feed his family better, for less.
  • It's about the process, with Sheridan Skye

    Ethan welcomes personal trainer and coach Sheridan Skye. Her nursing degree, combined with her advanced diploma in nutrition and leadership skills learned during her military service, enable her to provide her clients with a holistic approach to health and wellness. Sheridan joins Ethan to talk about how she helps people on their journey, especially women and new moms.
  • Journey to a healthier today, with Writer Lisa de Pasquale

    Writer Lisa de Pasquale joins Ethan to share details of her radical weight-loss transformation, and the path to get where she is today.
  • Breaking the Yo-Yo Cycle, with Beth Wilkas Feraco

    Ethan is joined by Nutrition and Strength coach, Beth Wilkas Feraco. Beth shares with Ethan how she focuses on helping chronic yo-yo dieters break free from the "all or nothing" mindset.
  • The Stories We Tell Ourselves with Oisin Mulligan

    Oisin Mulligan is a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist who specializes in online coaching to help people reach their goals. Having personal experience with his own transformation, Oisin shares what worked for him and the philosophies that keep him going, in this conversation with Ethan. 
  • Habits and Routines: With Bob Harper: Health Expert, Fitness Trainer, #1 NYT Best Selling Author

    Bob Harper is a fitness trainer and health expert who starred as the host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser. A three-time #1 New York Times best-selling author, he has his own line of bestselling workout DVDs and an online fitness program called Black Fire. Since his much-publicized heart attack in February 2017, Harper has redoubled his efforts to educate and enlighten people about nutrition and its role in building health.