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Bariatric Surgery with Carrie Perrier

Recently Ethan met Carrier Perrier while on a walk with the First Steps Club and invited her to join him on American Glutton. Carrie shares her experience with bariatric surgery and subsequent loose skin surgery. Carrie tells Ethan what led her to where she is, and practices she partipates in to maintain her healthy changes.

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  • Exercise is the Key with Jim Meskimen; Actor, Comedian and Impressionist

    Actor, Comedian and Impressionist. Jim Meskimen, joins Ethan today to share how he got in the best shape of his life. Ethan and Jim talk about various ways of eating and the exercise plans they have tried over the years, along with what they do now that they find sustainable.
  • Loose Skin after Weight Loss with Will Sasso

    Today we are re-airing an episode with actor and comedian, Will Sasso, one of Ethan's favorite guests. Ethan and Will dive into many topics including something Ethan is asked about so often, loose skin after weight loss.
  • What Ethan Wishes He Knew

    Starting a Weight Loss Journey? Ethan shares what he knows now, that he wishes he knew when he began.
  • Start with What You Love, with Jamie Kilstein: Writer, Comedian

    Ethan welcomes back one of American Glutton's first guests, writer, comedian and Jiujitsu black belt; Jamie Kilstein. Ethan and Jamie discuss diet, exercise, how to incorporate things you love into your routine, and everything in between.
  • Supporting the Outcome You Want, with Dylan Gyunn: Professional Bodybuilder and Coach

    Competitive Bodybuilder and Online Coach Dylan Guynn joins Ethan on American Glutton today. Dylan's systems for both himself and his clients are designed to help them reach their health goals. Ethan and Dylan discuss all of this and more.
  • Struggling to Change with Clint Black

    Ethan welcomes American Glutton listener Clint Black who shares his struggles with weight and his relationship with food. Ethan discusses his own journey and offers his insight on some simple steps that can help.
  • Being Fat in a World of Thin People with Ian Karmel and Alisa Karmel

    Siblings Ian Karmel and Alisa Karmel are on American Glutton today to talk about their new memoir titled "T-SHIRT SWIM CLUB: Stories From Being Fat in a World of Thin People." Both brother and sister grew up struggling with their weight throughout their childhood and much of their adulthood. They both managed to lose the weight in their 30s with each other’s help, and talk about how they were treated, their relationship with food and their bodies, and a deep desire for us to treat obesity for what is it: a health issue.
  • Do Supplements Work? With Alex Hutchinson: Author, Journalist

    Alex Hutchinson is a National Magazine Award-winning journalist whose work appears in Outside, The Globe and Mail, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and other publications. Ethan invited Alex to join him on American Glutton for a chat about supplements and thier efficacy. Listen as they discuss this and more!