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Welcome to Let’s Talk Social Work, the podcast fr…

Welcome to Let’s Talk Social Work, the podcast from the British Association of Social Workers. This is a space for conversation—discussion with social workers, the individuals they support, and colleagues working in rela

Therapy in name only

This episode, made for Pride month 2022, examines the issue of anti-trans discrimination and conversion therapy. Host, Andy McClenaghan, is joined by Chay Brown Director of the trans-rights organisation, TransActual, Rachel Hubbard Senior Lecturer in Social Work at University of the West of England and BASW member, and Jacob Sibley, Director of LGBT Youth in Care. They discuss the discrimination faced by trans people, examine rates of anti-trans hate crime in the UK and consider the Government’s decision to exclude trans people from its planned ban on the use of conversion therapy in England and Wales.Various documents are referred to during the episode. They can be accessed via the following links:TransActual—Trans lives survey 2021: Enduring the UK’s hostile environment—Transphobic Hate Crime Report 2020 Cass Review—Independent review of gender identity services for children and young people: Interim report—Shut out: the experiences of LGBT young people not in education, training or work Equalities Office—National LGBT Survey: Research report of Commons Library—Hate Crime Statistics read the BASW Position Statement on Social Work with Transgender People please visit