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Head Above The Clouds

The Unheard Tapes: Idina Menzel

Ep. 24

The queen of Broadway has arrived! For Issue 12 I had the opportunity to sit down with Idina Menzel and talk all things, music, theatre, how she manages her anxiety as she’s found fame, the communities that lie at the heart of everything she does and of course her new album, Drama Queen.

The Tony Award winning, multi platinum selling singer songwriter has been at the heart of many cultural moments that I still hold close to my heart, from Wicked and Defying Gravity to being a cultural icon. I accepted pretty early on that I was going to fan girl hard, so here’s your chance to too. So, get comfortable for another episode of The Unheard Tapes. Welcome to the world that is Head Above The Clouds. 

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  • 31. Picture This

    Years before, Picture This band member Jimmy never would've thought that conversations with bandmate Ryan as he drove him home in his car would turn into a fourth studio album, aptly named Parked Car Conversations, transforming the chats into an emotional 16-track ride on the album. Since then, the band have gone on to gain a hugely dedicated fanbase, an ever-growing bond between them, and have played shows all around the country,  Having released their new album parked Car Conversations, we revisit their Issue 15 Cover interview the hit Irish four-piece talking to me about their writing process for their upcoming album. They discuss the nerves and thrills of playing brand-new songs from the yet-to-be-released album right in front of lucky fans for the first time ever.  
  • 29. Sam Fischer

    With over a billion streams, collaborations with artists including Demi Lovato and Meghan Trainor, Sam Fischer is a force to be reckoned with. I meet up with sam in London in the run up to his debut album to talk all things music, mental health and everything in between. Take a moment and settle in as This is the community of head above the clouds.
  • 28. Tom Speight

    With his music career in bloom with the recent release of his second album Love & Light, Tom Speight is spreading awareness, dispelling stigmas and supporting others going through things similar experiences with Crohns. Post shoot for his Issue 13 cover we get comfortable and candid about his life, health and how he continues to be a beacon of hope for so many.
  • 26. James McVey

    Deep in thought, James McVey sit’s opposite Editor-in-Chief Alice Gee as they record an episode of HATC podcast post shoot. In a studio in East London James gets candid about why now is the right time to focus on solo endeavours. After ten hugely successful years with The Vamps with many more to come, James feels a sense of stability as he reflects upon his personal experiences from the past couple of years, from getting married to mental health episodes and everything in between James opens up about coming full circle, embracing life and the magic of songwriting. The very thing he fell in love with 10 years ago.Pre-order Jame's print and read the interview www.hatcmagazine.comSubscribe and follow us on Instagram and stay up to date with new episodes.
  • Barth Rougier

    26 year old entrepreneur Barth Rougier is no stranger to progression and personal growth, both in his personal and business life. Having started and nurtured multiple business ventures over the past 8 years, his success although it might appear overnight is one that has taken time, dedication and passion. As he takes a birds eye view of what truly is behind his success, Barth, opens up about what it has taken to see the progression he’s come experience, how his mental health has played a part and that health and well-being takes priority. 
  • 23. LP

    With more than 2.4 million streams a day on YouTube, you could say LP’s fan base are dedicated. Having written hits for some of the music industries very best, LP has themself one hell of a reputation when it comes to musical success and creativity. As they approached the launch of a new album Love Lines I joined them in Londons Kingscross to talk about their personal experiences with mental health, confidence and learning to standing their ground. So take a moment, and come with us to the world that is head above the clouds. 
  • 22. McFly

    For this episode I’m joined by Dougie, Danny, and Harry from McFly. With Tom a little under the weather I join them at their London studio to talk about their 20th anniversary, which is crazy to even think. I catch up with the boys on their new album 'Power To Play', life as it is now and a trip down memory lane. Buckle up for stories on their first home, supporting one another on tour and everything in between.Subscribe and follow us!