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Behind The Markets Podcast: Ruby Huang & Art Berman

Ep. 166

Show from 4/3/20

First, Wharton Finance Professor Jeremy Siegel kicks off the show with his updated take on the economy during the COVID19 pandemic. Professor Siegel says the US government and the Fed have reacted properly by providing income support, calming capital markets, and working through trade issues. He says the most important thing the Fed needs to do right now is flatten the yield curve. Then, Hosts Jeremy Schwartz and Liqian Ren spend the first half of the show discussing the international healthcare response to Coronavirus with an expert in the Asian market to get a handle on best practices and takeaways for the US. Plus, oil executives are at the White House for OPEC meetings. Our hosts discuss the COVID19 crisis and the effects it will have on the oil industry with one of the best commentators on the topic.


Dr. Ruby Huang - Professor, School of Medicine, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

Arthur Berman - is a petroleum geologist with 36 years of oil and gas industry experience. He is an expert on U.S. shale plays and is currently consulting for several E&P companies and capital groups in the energy sector. 

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