Behind the Markets Podcast


Behind the Markets Podcast: Gad Allon, Rowan Trollope, & Ethan Kurzweil

Ep. 179

Show from 5/29/20

Wharton Finance Professor Jeremy Siegel opens the show saying people shouldn't be surprised by the current bull market because the money from the Fed was bound to find its way into equity markets. Professor Siegel also discusses uncertainty regarding international trade and developments on the virus front with Liqian Ren. Then host Jeremy Schwartz talks with a Wharton Professor focused on management technology to discuss opening the economy and trends in tech. Plus he talks to two experts in the cloud computing space.


Gad Allon - Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions

Director of the Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology

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Rowan Trollope- CEO of Five9

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Ethan Kurzweil -Bessemer Venture Partners

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