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Top Medium Term Rental Strategies for Airbnb Hosts

Ep. 508

Fueled by the increasing demand for rentals for digital nomads and the uptick in regulations by cities on short-term rentals, medium-term stays are now the fastest-growing category on the Airbnb platform.

So, how can we jump into the medium-term market and get all the benefits of investing in Airbnbs without the hassle of turnover or the risk of changing city regulations?

Zeona McIntyre has been an Airbnb host since 2012 and owns 12 long-term, mid-term, and short-term units. As an avid real estate investor who owns and manages a double-digit portfolio, she teaches listeners how to achieve financial freedom through real estate on her podcast, Invest2FI. Zeona is the co-author of the soon-to-be-released book, 30-Day Stay: A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Mastering the Medium-Term Rental.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Zeona joins me to talk about what constitutes medium-term and the advantages of these types of rentals.

Listen in as Zeona shares some insider tricks for finding more customers, managing your calendar, and the special touches she adds to make her guests feel at home in her medium-term rentals. Plus, she reveals her secret insider trick for filling up last-minute bookings.

Topics Covered

  • Which type of rental is the most hands-off (and which is the intensive)
  • The difference in ROI between short-term, medium-term, and long-term rentals
  • How to use medium-term rentals to fill up your calendar when you are not ‘in-season’
  • Where the highest demand for medium-term rentals is right now
  • Where to find customers for your medium-term property rentals
  • Best upgrades to add to your medium-term rentals to impress your guests
  • How Zeona manages her calendar to keep out the gaps in stays in her rentals
  • Zeona's SECRET for filling up last-minute bookings

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We wish every stay would be perfect and every guest would check out ready to leave a 5-star review and secure their next stay. But this is the real world, and every host will eventually face a problem with a guest's stay. From a piece of equipment breaking down to another guest making it impossible for everyone to enjoy their stay, challenging situations come up that no one wants to have to deal with.But there are some secrets to navigating them that will make everyone involved feel supported. So how do you solve guest challenges when they come up, so everyone enjoys their stay? On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I sit down to discuss the event that happened at Freewyld this weekend, what it taught us, and the systems we're putting in place to handle these types of situations like this in the future. We’ll walk you through our 6-step process to deal with challenges that come up with guests while they are staying at your property while communicating with them in a way that makes them feel supported and then creating a system to deal with these situations in the future. Listen in to learn the key to providing a high level of hospitality to every guest, no matter the situation. Topics CoveredThe 6-step process to deal with challenges that come up with guests while they are staying at your propertyThe difference between making the situation right and being rightThe #1 thing to do when a problem develops with a guest or guestsWhy details matterHow to make both parties feel supportedThe key to providing an excellent experience for every guest, no matter the situationHow to communicate as a leader and provide high-level hospitality while making sure ALL parties feel supportedThe 3 traits you need to operate as a high-level hospitality hostWhy the problem is not solved until the guest says it is solvedHow to educate your team to deal with the problem in the futureHow you can use texts to document a situation for future referenceWhy it's important to remember YOU are a hospitality company firstWhat to do if a problem needs to be escalatedResources FREE Airbnb Starter GuideGet Paid for Your Pad Email ListSTR Legends MastermindSTR Profit AcademyOvernight SuccessSubscribe to GPFYP on Apple PodcastsEmail jasper@getpaidforyourpad.comSponsor Legends X Short-Term Rental Accelerator

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These days safety, security, and ID protection are paramount to everyone. That becomes even more important when booking the properties you've worked so hard to create or when you're in charge of someone else's investment.Risk management has become vitally important in the short-term rental industry.Leo Walton is the Co-Founder of Superhog, a company that enables a growing ecosystem of hosts, operators, and guests a safer booking experience. By providing a tech-based AI-supported toolkit, Superhog increases booking confidence by quickly confirming the identity of guests, protecting against fraud, damage, and crime, and providing unmatched protection in the STR industry.On this edition of Get Paid for Your Pad, I talk with Leo about why it's vital to screen your guests and the quick and straightforward guardrails STR hosts can put into place in the booking process to establish risk management for both hosts and guests.We discuss the types of protection Superhog provides, how the process works for hosts and guests, and how they compile the risk score.Listen in as he shares the critical elements of risk management needed in today's STR climate, and the protection option that 85% of guests prefer that improves the guest experience and garners more reviews. Plus, a special offer from Superhog just for Get Paid For Your Pad listeners.Topics CoveredHow to take charge of your own risk management strategiesThe most basic risk management solutions you need to put in place immediatelyHow Superhog pulls key data points together to compile a risk score, eliminate risks (and fraud)The three pieces of protection offered by SuperhogThe most critical component of risk managementHow to become your own insurance companyThe protection option that 85% of guests prefer that improves the guest experience while garners more reviewsThe most important component of risk managementHow to put a risk management strategy in place that works for you and your short-term rental businessThe best way to make a questionable booking safer during the check-in processSuperhog is offering 3 months free as an exclusive offer for Get Paid For Your Pad podcast listeners; go to: Connect with LeoSuperhogSuperhog on LinkedInResourcesExclusive Offer: 3 Free Months of SuperhogThe Book Direct BlueprintGet Paid For Your Pad on YouTubeGet Paid for Your Pad Email ListSubscribe to GPFYP on Apple PodcastsSTR Profit AcademyOvernight SuccessEmail team@overnightsuccess.ioSponsored ByLegends X STR Accelerator

What Hosts Should Know About the Airbnb 2022 Winter Release

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Airbnb wears two hats in their business, catering to the guests on one side while trying to remain fair and inclusive to the hosts on the other.Often, they lean towards updates that are more geared towards guests, and the hosts have taken notice, and many have spoken out.And Airbnb has responded with the 2022 Winter Release by focusing the updates on making it easier to become a host and stay a host on Airbnb by offering one-on-one guidance from a Superhost and more ways to get your listings seen, and your money faster.On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I walk you through each of the updates in the Winter Release, including the upgraded top-to bottom protection for every host on Airbnb through AirCover.We’ll share the six new listing categories offering more ways for your listings to stand out, and how new listings will now be featured and for how long. Plus, we’ll take a look at the new retaliatory review protection for hosts and the fast pay option and fees.Listen in as we share our opinion of which updates are the most advantageous for hosts, which might be problematic, and which ones will require a bit more time and investigation to determine how they will play out.Topics CoveredJasper shares an exciting life announcementHow intention and clarity trickle down to your guestsHow the Airbnb 2022 Winter release makes it easier to become a hostThe comprehensive coverage of AirCover for hostsHow Airbnb is adding more transparency into the categories (and introducing new ones)The 3 ways the new categories might complicate thingsThe updated policies on review protectionWhy we recommend every host check their listing to provide more details to your guests to rank better in the search resultsResourcesThe Airbnb 2022 Winter ReleaseAutohostGet Paid For Your Pad on YouTubeLegends X STR AcceleratorJasper on InstagramEric on InstagramGet Paid for Your Pad Email ListSubscribe to GPFYP on Apple PodcastsFREE Airbnb Starter GuideSTR Profit AcademyOvernight SuccessEmail team@overnightsuccess.ioSponsored ByLegends X STR Accelerator