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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Using boat rentals as additional revenue stream and a unique amenity on Airbnb

Ep. 568
Learn more about the GPFYP VIP SUCCESS PROGRAM: this podcast episode, Jasper Ribbers interviews Jimmy Schweitzer, the founder of James Vander Properties, who shares his experience of renting out boats on Airbnb. Jimmy started his Airbnb journey by renting out a room in his house, eventually transitioning to renting out lakefront properties in North and South Carolina. He explains how he incorporated boat rentals as an additional revenue stream and a unique amenity for his guests.Jimmy highlights the benefits of having boats available for guests, such as attracting more bookings and increasing the nightly rate by 10-15%. He primarily focuses on pontoon boats due to their ease of use and popularity among renters. Jimmy emphasizes the importance of safety, including having proper insurance, requiring signed waivers, and providing life jackets for passengers.The discussion also covers various ways to obtain boats, such as purchasing boats outright, partnering with boat owners or rental companies, or borrowing boats from others. Jimmy found success using Facebook Marketplace to purchase boats. He advises hosts to think creatively and consider adding unique amenities that differentiate their properties from competitors.Throughout the episode, Jimmy stresses the need for hosts to research local regulations and ensure they comply with all legal requirements when offering boat rentals.Overall, Jimmy's experience demonstrates how incorporating boat rentals into an Airbnb business can be a profitable and appealing option, enhancing guest experiences and setting properties apart from the competition.