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$1740 in One Day on Peerspace???

Ep. 506

Right now, many property owners and managers are looking into ways to expand their bookings for the slow season ahead.


So, how can we monetize our rental spaces outside of Airbnb and expand our bottom lines?


Jackie Nedin is the CEO of PHX STAYS, specializing in Arizona vacation rentals and boutique style management with properties in Chandler, Phoenix, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, Queen Creek, Sun Lakes, and Scottsdale. With award-winning interiors and details that celebrate what’s unique about every city, PHX STAYS is bringing enriched experiences to their guest and property owners.


On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Jackie joins me to talk about how a bad month for her STR properties, combined with an email from Get Paid for Your Pad, led her to try listing her properties on Peerspace.


She shares the unique features of her most popular property and how her ‘drive right in’ spirit led her to a $6K return in one month from the Peerspace site.


Listen in as Jackie shares the types of events for which her spaces have been used and what kinds of rentals work best in the Peerspace marketplace. Plus, her advice for those in the STR space looking to list their properties on Peerspace.


Topics Covered


  • What prompted Jackie to get into the STR space and Peerspace
  • What niches work best with Peerspace
  • Why not every space is a good fit for Peerspace
  • The array of uses Jackie’s properties have been used for through Peerspace
  • How rates and reviews work with Peerspace
  • The most important things to consider when you want to use your properties within Peerspace
  • What types of spaces are photographers looking for photoshoots
  • How Peerspace has changed the types of rental properties Jackie is seeking to invest in
  • How to get repeat guests on the Peerspace marketplace
  • Jackie’s advice for those looking to get into the Peerspace model
  • How Jackie and her team are planning to go forward with Peerspace


Connect with Jackie Nedin


PHX STAYS on Instagram 




How to Rent out spaces for events on Peerspace (EP470)

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How to Scale Your Airbnb Business by Being the #1 Expert in Your Market

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The internet is vast, with more and more social channels popping up and more people jumping into the short-term rental space. Getting the right eyes on your Airbnb properties for more bookings can take time and effort. So how can you get your properties to stand out in the field? By becoming the #1 expert in your market. Dave Cordner is the owner of Central Belfast Apartments in Ireland. Dave got his start in the Short-Term rental space back in 2007, working with his parents. He purchased his own property in 2014 and has grown to over 60 properties. Dave has become an expert in his market by sharing great content through his blog and videos and coaching others in the short-term rental space. You can find his content on his blog, TikTok, and his YouTube channel. On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Dave joins me to discuss how he's used his passion for Belfast tourism to become the go-to expert in his market. He'll walk us through how providing his guests with a more exciting stay experience garners him better reviews for his properties and more bookings. Listen in as Dave shares the traditional marketing tactics he used when he started in the short-term rental business (before Airbnb was even created), how some of them are making a comeback, and how he's using his video content to be seen on every channel.Topics Covered Dave's story of starting in the STR industry before Airbnb existedThe power of old-school marketing techniques in a social driven marketplaceDave's key advice for gaining credibility in the hospitality industryHow to promote your listings outside of AirbnbThe power of being consistent in content creationHow to use video to stand out from your competitorsThe most important thing for creating good contentThe five-star fundamentals to becoming successful in your STR businessDave’s advice for a successful start in your STR journeyConnect with Dave CordnerCentral Belfast ApartmentsDave's YouTube ChannelCentral Belfast Apartments 🧳 (@centralbelfast) TikTokResourcesGet Paid for Your Pad YouTube ChannelFREE Workshop: Learn the 3-Part Process to Scale Your Airbnb Business to $1M+Leave A Review of Get Paid for Your Pad on Apple podcasts for a chance to WIN FREE Airbnb Starter GuideSTR Legends MastermindEmail jasper@getpaidforyourpad.comSponsored ByLegends X Short-Term Rental Accelerator

How Avant Stay Scaled Their Hospitality Brand to 1,500+ Units in Less Than 5 Years

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"Hospitality is really about execution," — Sean Breuner There are 23,000 short-term rental companies in the US. But the industry remains fragmented due to how challenging it is to build a scalable, national platform that can deliver a high-level yet standardized experience at every property, to every guest, every time. AvantStay has scaled its hospitality brand to 1500+ units in less than 5 years.​​Sean Breuner is the Founder & CEO at AvantStay. AvantStay is the largest STR brand in the US. With over 1500 properties in over 100 cities, AvantStay delivers a highly curated experience customized to guests' needs, using a proprietary tech suite to power bookings, seamlessly operationalize in-field and remote management, and activate authentic and elevated consumer touchpoints. On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I talk with Sean about his vision to build a brand that takes the luxury of the hotel experience into the short-term rental space. We discuss how AvantStay is leveraging technology, high-end amenities, and specially designed group spaces to build a trusted brand. Listen in as he shares the critical elements needed to establish trust with your guests and faith in your brand in order to scale your short-term rental business. Plus, what excites him the most about the STR industry right now. AvantStay is offering a special just for Get Paid For Your Pad listeners. Use code GPFYP250 for $250 off your next stay.  Topics Covered What people think of when they think of branding in the short-term rental spaceWhat you need to run and scale a horizontal operationWhen you should begin thinking about brandingWhat you can do to improve the guest experience for your guest in all aspects during the complete cycle of the stayWhat you need to make your brand stand out in the STR spaceWhy it's not always about being betterThe top 3 ways to gain your guests' trust (and how to lose it immediately)How to deliver a world-class product and match consumer expectations every timeWhere Sean spends his time as CEO in growing the AvantStays brandThe three things a CEO needs to do to consistently deliver their vision for their brandThe most important thing to remember when building your brandConnect with Sean BreunerSean Breuner on LinkedInAvantStay *Use code GPFYP250 for $250 off your next stayAvantStay on InstagramResources Get Paid For Your Pad on YouTubeGet Paid for Your Pad Email ListSubscribe to GPFYP on Apple Podcasts Email team@overnightsuccess.ioSponsored ByLegends X STR Accelerator

How to Fill Your Airbnbs with Corporate Travelers

Ep. 523
There are advantages to hosting corporate travelers in your short-term rentals. You get high-quality guests. You can offer a number of upsells. And capitalize on referrals and repeat business. But you may have to level up your game in order to attract these high-paying corporate clients. So, what amenities do you need to offer business travelers? What level of service do they expect? And how do you market your Airbnbs to the corporate travel niche? Robertin Nunez is the STR corporate travel specialist behind, a platform that connects short-term rental hosts with business travelers. With headquarters in Philadelphia and Miami, Robertin owns 100 in-house units and operates 3,200 listings in 12 cities around the world. On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Robertin joins me to explore what Airbnb hosts can do to attract business travelers and explain how to build relationships with the corporate departments that book travel for employees. Robertin describes creative ways to identify the business travelers who visit your market and discusses why old school marketing tactics (like fliers and phone calls) are so powerful right now. Listen in for Robertin’s insight on using OTAs to fill in occupancy gaps and learn how to fill your Airbnbs with high-paying corporate travelers! Topics CoveredWhat inspired Robertin to choose a niche in corporate travelHow corporate travel is rebounding in the aftermath of COVIDWhat Airbnb hosts can do to attract business travelersBuilding relationships with corporate departments that book travel for employeesCreative ways to identify the business travelers who visit your marketWhy old school marketing tactics are so powerful right nowThe advantages of being in the corporate travel nicheHow Robertin uses OTAs to fill in occupancy gaps for his listingsLeveling up your STR game to attract high-paying corporate clientsRobertin’s insight on using data to make good business decisionsResources  Co Host ExpertEmail robertin@cohostexpert.comRobertin on GPFYP EP368Furnished FinderSmall Business AdministrationThe Book Direct Playbook: Say Goodbye to OTAs with Proven Marketing Tactics to Boost Direct Bookings by Mark SimpsonElizabeth Soley at Jacob Street PartnersChanges to the Airbnb AlgorithmEmail Sponsor Legends X Short-Term Rental Accelerator