Same Day Shipping: Real Love & Fake Relationships


Unreleased Ships and Operating Table Surprise

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  • Survivor Ships and a Whirlwind Wedding

    Star Wars Jedi Survivor is out today and it looks like it's good, so the Shipple Dips are talking Survivor Ships!
  • Violin Ships and the Height of Betrayal

    What do you do when you're in an intense climbing situation with another person and it turns out they were totally boning your ex? You swallow your pride and SURVIVE. Then, Chavalier is in theatres which means the Dips are shipping Violin Ships! Who will wind up with Dr. Michael Morbius this week?
  • Suck Ships and They're Saying it's Not a Real Show

    What do you do when Colin forces you to consider a hypothetical situation from the perspective of a Tim Robinson character? Then, Chupa is out on Netflix, which I guess means it's time for Suck Ships? Ships that suck! Movies that suck! Episodes of good TV shows that suck! And, inevitably, a living vampire man who sucks... blood, that is!
  • Thief Ships and Living a Yassified Life

    When you see a picture of yourself, but it's been yassified, does that feel... aspirational to you? Or critical? Or just nutso? Then, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is out in theatres, which means we are talking about Thief Ships!
  • SCREAM Ships Part 2

    We're going back to Woodsborrow! Part 2 of the Scream Ship-A-Thon, finds the the Shipple Dips revisiting everyone in the original Scream trilogy, and pairing them up with their perfect mates.
  • SCREAM Ships Part 1

    There's a new Scream movie in theatres, which means we're taking a "stab" at a Colombo Ghostface cold open. It goes great! Then, in part one, we find ships for all the new kids introduced in Scream 4 and Scream 5.
  • Creed III Ships and Parisian Betrayal

    What do you do when you left for the summer, and your SO ends up hooking up with your best friend? You dump him, right? Then what if he and the friend insist on telling you about everything and then dating in front of you FOREVER? Or, y'know, 'til next summer. Then, Creed III is out in theatres, which means... Patrick and Ryan spend a lot of time talking about Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania. Oh, and everyone watches the Creed music video for With Arms Wide Open. Look, it's sort of a weird episode.
  • Cocaine Ships and You Lost the Lottery

    What do you do when you're jealous AND a big ol' creep? Maybe you don't murder the person you're jealous of! Then, Cocaine Bear is out in theatres, which means it's finally time to do Cocaine Ships! Oh Hello! Boogie Nights! Breaking Bad! Legends and Lattes!
  • Public Domain Ships and Would You Rather

    We have a format. Such and such happens, but you are such and such - what do you do? Then Colin comes in here, and poses a "would you rather?" and frankly, no one knows what to do. Would you rather have sex with someone who has to poop or would you rather just not have sex? Then, the Winnie the Pooh horror movie, Blood and Honey (which should really be spelled "Blood and Hunny" now that I'm thinking of it), is released today which means it's time to talk Public Domain Ships! Sports Night! Little Women! Dick Tracy! Wizard of Oz! Sherlock Holmes!