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Disney Ships III: Unshippables and The Kiss Betrayal

What do you do when you show up on an island and then... something... happens? [Hey, it's me: Patrick. I write the episode descriptions. How's it going? This is week's Hot Take (which is what we call out cold opens - it's cute, right?) is about Too Hot To Handle. As is the case with all the Netflix reality shows, Kelly, Ryan, and Colin all watched it and love it and have funny things to say about it, but I didn't. I think this one is about it costing everyone money any time you hook up?] Then, it's the conclusion of the Disney Ships Trilogy! The Shippers turn their eye to the forbidden corner of the Disney Universe: The Unshippables! Little Mermaid! Tarzan! Black Cauldron! And, thanks to a list of the "Ugliest Disney Characters," a surprising amount of talk about Frozen.