50 Years of the Lance Holt School


Welcome to the Lance Holt School in the 2010s

Season 1, Ep. 5

The Lance Holt School in the 2010's.

Welcome to the Lance Holt School Podcast. In this episode you will hear how the school adapted to still make learning fun; how the Graduation Song was developed; you'll learn about the 'legend of the death ride'; and how the school gives kids a sense of self.

Guests include

Lance Holt (Founder of the school)

Miriam Harban Guttinger

Robin Guttinger

Kathryn Harban

Kav Temperley

Danica See

Samantha Wynne

Debra Salahuddeen

Roux Korczynskyj

Dylan Korczynskyj

Seth Yeoman

Introduction - Cassia Ivers-Bradley and Lance Holt (Founder)

Narrator - Cassia Ivers-Bradley

Created and Produced by Temperley Productions (www.kavtemperley.com.au)

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