50 Years of the Lance Holt School


Welcome to the 70's

Season 1, Ep. 1

Welcome to the 1970's at lance Holt School.

You'll hear from the founder Lance Holt himself as well as original former students; Anne Bockman, Shelley Davies, Jeff Summerhaze, Michael Buzza and Anna Gare.

[00:06:37] How the last student enrolled the day before school started.

[00:07:07] Jeff Summerhaze tells the story of why he came to the school.

[00:18:44] Anna Gare along with Shelley Davies explain morning meeting and parliament.

[00:19:48] How kids became a minister and the benefit of giving the kids freedom of speech, and the great lolly debate.

[00:33:49] School camps and how the parents were involved.

[00:33:58] The teachers and the variety of learning.

[00:36:26] How tuck shop began.

[00:46:00] How the school came to be at Henry Street.

[00:47:26] The best thing about the Lance Holt School is that the city was our playground.

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