50 Years of the Lance Holt School


Lance Holt School in the 2000s

Season 1, Ep. 4

The Lance Holt School in the 2000's.

Welcome to the Lance Holt School Podcast. In this episode we discover how the Lance Holt School community came together to make sure our camps and the Lance Holt School way of life still exists during the 2000s where everything got a little more formal and schools had a greater registration compliance.

Guests include

Lance Holt

Declan Burke

Gary Burke

Laura Stocker

Debra Salahuddeen

Samantha Wynne

Dave Palmer

Jennie Buchanan

Genevieve Hawks

Alex Morse

Seth Yeoman

Introduction - Cassia Ivers-Bradley and Lance Holt

Interviewer - Ziggy Temperley

Created and Produced by Temperley Productions 

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