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Your World, Your Money

The Future of Mental Health

Season 3, Ep. 11

Your World, Your Money’s hosts sit down with Amy Tran of @doodledwellness to discuss the new approaches to mental health. We will dive into Amy Tran’s creative approach, and how art & creative methods of communication are creating more safe mental health spaces for all. And, we will ask, can mental health resources really live in the social media sphere in healthy, growth oriented ways? Spoiler alert, they can.

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  • 5. Gen Z and the Modern Consumer: Shifting the Perspective

    YWYM sits down with \two co-founders of NinetyEight, a culturally driven, strategic impact consultancy, to talk about human first branding, the pros and cons of social media, and – of course – Gen Z. Gia Lee and Celine Chai tell us more about how NinetyEight, a Gen Z founded and run agency, helps clients connect more with the Gen Z perspective and about the gap they recognize in the traditional advertising market.
  • 4. Rising From the Pandemic: Side Hustles and Entrepreneurship

    Indonesian sisters Deborah Margaretha Tanudirjo and Elizabeth Margaretha, founders of Sundae Service Creamery, a NY-based small ice cream business, join us for a delicious conversation on their entrepreneurship journey. From an ice cream machine at home during the pandemic, to various locales throughout NYC, Debbie and Liz share with us how they turned their passion into an exciting side hustle and maneuvered growth and expansion through the pandemic.
  • 3. Money Magic - An Economist’s Look Into Personal Finance

    YWYM sits down with bestselling author & Economics professor Laurence Kotlikoff to discuss his new release, “Money Magic,” an economist's primer on personal finance for navigating career, retirement, loans, and more; challenging longstanding notions of economics and introducing base principles for pursuing financial security.
  • 2. Community Banking: New Era of Fintech and Personal Finance

    So many of the rules of personal finance seem to be written for a world that no longer exists. With new ways to save and invest - and new financial dangers to be aware of - does the same old advice still apply in the banking world? Gabe Krajicek, CEO of the FinTech neobank, Kasasa, joins us for today's episode on the power of local banking. What does the banking landscape look like in a world of less competition and more megabanks? How does our relationship with money affect our banking needs, and how does the concept of community banking fit into the post-pandemic world?
  • 1. Has Covid Changed Personal Finance Forever?

    Within the changing financial landscape, the needs of consumers have continuously shifted as new ways to save and invest - and new financial dangers – arise. In today's episode, we sit down with Kimberly Palmer, personal finance expert at NerdWallet. As generations demand new tools to meet their needs, have financial institutions adapted enough to support the struggle? What are the new rules of personal finance under the impact of COVID-19?
  • Introducing Season 4 & Launch of Survey

    Your hosts Mary, Nolan, and LaQuita Ann pop in with a quick hello! As our Season 4 premiere draws near, the hosts discuss upcoming topics, the trajectory of GLT’s series since the early days of “Your World, Your Money,” and the underlying importance of our money conversations. Check out our survey as well! (Reward included with participation).
  • 10. Inclusivity And Accessibility of Mental Health

    Melody Li, founder of Inclusive Therapists and Mental Health Liberation, speaks on how service users in traditional mental health care systems are excluded and barriers to access are unaccounted for in traditional models. Melody shares how practicing from a decolonial, liberation-oriented, and anti-oppressive model can inform on accessibility, inclusive practices for service users, and mental health professionals.
  • 9. The New Era of Mental Health Accessibility

    Dr. Han Ren, licensed clinical and school psychologist, consultant, speaker, and educator, joins our co-hosts for a conversation on the accessibility and cost of mental health from an anti-oppressive liberation standpoint. With her experience working with a diverse range of communities, young generations and her successful growth on social media, Dr. Ren shares her unique perspective on the realities of mental health, stigmatization, and tangible actions everyone can take starting today.