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  • 7. Foreign Minister Roland Dumas & Wimbledon champion Vic Seixas

    Roland Dumas wielded such clout in the Élysée that he was called “le vice-president”. But despite being a closely trusted ally of François Mitterrand, his career in politics was blighted by allegations of corruption. While the 1953 Wimbledon champion, Vic Seixas, was perhaps under appreciated, and definitely underpaid.

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  • 6. Biochemist Akira Endo & Cuban Revolutionary Olga Morgan Goodwin

    Akira Endo discovered the ‘penicillin for cholesterol’. But when offered the drugs he made possible, for his own high cholesterol, he opted for diet and exercise instead. And we hear the remarkable story of the Cuban revolutionary, Olga Morgan Goodwin, who turned on Fidel Castro and was imprisoned for trying to overthrow him.
  • 5. Actor Donald Sutherland & Campaigner Leah Levin

    "Offbeat, relaxed, and never overly reverential about his craft". The actor Donald Sutherland was described as one of the finest actors never to win an Oscar. And we recall the life of Leah Levin, who in spite of holding no legal qualifications, dedicated her life to righting the wrongs of the British criminal justice system.
  • 4. Singer Françoise Hardy & Psychologist Sue Johnson

    Bob Dylan wrote Françoise Hardy a poem before they even met. But the iconic french singer-songwriter was irritated by the public's fascination of her beauty rather than her music. And we explore the work of the psychologist, Sue Johnson, who devoted her life to unravelling the mystery of love.
  • 3. TV Doctor Michael Mosley & Astronaut Bill Anders

    'Trust me, I'm a doctor' was an instruction many were happy to follow. The BBC show's host, Michael Mosley, combined infectious enthusiasm and dedication to the scientific method. Today we hear his story, plus that of William Anders, astronaut, engineer and photographer of one of the most famous photos ever taken.
  • 2. Rugby Star Rob Burrow & 'The Godfather' Producer Albert Ruddy

    Today, we hear two remarkable stories of dogged determination. First, the inspirational life of Rob Burrow, the Rugby League star who campaigned so bravely in the face of his motor neurone disease diagnosis. And second, the Oscar winning producer of The Godfather, Albert Ruddy, and the story of the extraordinary steps it took to bring the iconic mobster movie to our screens.
  • 1. President Ebrahim Raisi & Commander ‘Sharkey’ Ward

    Each week we explore two fascinating lives. Often they’ll be remarkable people whose achievements are universally celebrated. But sometimes, they’ll be people whose lives have other significance.  Today we hear two life stories: one about the Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi who died, along with the Iranian foreign minister, in a helicopter crash. And we look back on the life of Commander ‘Sharkey’ Ward, a decorated British pilot who played a decisive role in the Falklands war.