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Identity Theft and how it happens PROTECT YOURSELF! Part 1

Season 4, Ep. 4

In this weeks episode we are discussing a subject that touches millions annually but is rarely discussed with the seriousness it deserves – identity theft.

It’s a topic that’s not only prevalent but also evolving, and it impacts personal finance and credit health in disasterous ways.

I’m thrilled to have the backbone of our operation at Conquer Credit Management, our Operations and Client Experience Manager, Samantha Headlee, joining us to share her knowledge and insight.

We're sharing our firsthand experiences and expert experience so we can equip you to protect your hard-earned credit.

00:51 The World of Identity Theft

04:51 Monitoring Your Credit

09:29 Real-Life Stories of Identity Theft and Lessons Learned

16:20 Protecting Yourself: Credit Locks, Freezes, and Fraud Alerts

19:46 The Importance of Including Your Phone Number on Fraud Alerts

21:01 Why You Should Avoid Making Statements on Your Credit Report

22:17 Identifying Red Flags for Possible Fraud

25:30 Understanding the Difference Between Soft and Hard Inquiries

28:48 Protecting Your Children's Credit from Identity Theft

31:19 Immediate Actions to Take When You're a Victim of Identity Theft

38:42 The Power of Persistence in Fighting Credit Injustice

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  • 11. Planning, Saving, and Investing with Justin Krane

    This week's guest, Justin Krane, a certified financial planner professional, is the founder of Krane Financial Solutions. Known for his savvy, holistic approach to financial planning, he advises his clients on how to unite their money with their lives and businesses.Justin shares insights about his personal and professional life, discussing his career path, family, and approach to financial planning.This episode covers:Teaching kids about moneyThe importance of automation in savingsStrategies for real estate investmentBalancing spending and savingOvercoming financial challengesMaintaining a grounded, humble approach to life and finances.The episode winds down with a conversation about the significance of clarity, planning, and having the right support system to achieve financial goals.04:16 Teaching Kids About Money07:36 Leadership and Financial Education09:55 Real Estate Investment Strategies15:07 Automating Savings and Investments18:51 Addressing Spending Problems22:52 The True Cost of Daily Habits23:47 Finding Joy in Small Luxuries24:42 Balancing Spending and Saving26:45 Inspirational Quotes and Their Meanings30:09 Life's Turning Points and Inspirations34:06 Entrepreneurial Challenges and Responsibilities40:21 Final Thoughts and Advice
  • 10. What is the Difference between a Freeze and a Lock

    When you have questions about anything credit related, The Real Credit Queen, Angela Setters Bessard has the answers. This week she's taking the overwhelm out of locking and freezing your credit. This episode is going to answer every question you ever had about the process, why you would do it, and how it helps you.Locking your credit and freezing your credit are similar concepts aimed at preventing unauthorized access to your credit report and thus protecting against identity theft, but they have some differences:Credit Freeze Federally Regulated and backed by the US Justice DepartmentDefinition: A credit freeze restricts access to your credit report by potential creditors. When your credit is frozen, creditors cannot pull your credit report to open new accounts in your name.Initiation: You can initiate a credit freeze with each of the four major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion & Innovis) individually. You may (very rare) need to pay a fee depending on your state laws, although most states provide this service for free.Process: You need to contact each credit bureau separately to freeze your credit, the 4 credit agencies are Experian, Trans Union, Equifax and Innovis. Credit Lock Private Service provided by Private Companies:Definition: A credit lock also prevents creditors from accessing your credit report to open new accounts, similar to a credit freeze accept that the credit agencies charge a fee for this service. Initiation: Credit locks are often offered by the credit bureaus themselves or by third-party services. They used to be more convenient to use than freezes because they could be activated or deactivated instantly online or through an app but now all agencies provide online access. Process: Unlike a credit freeze, the terms and conditions for credit locks can vary widely between providers. All of these providers charge fees.Key Differences:Activation and Deactivation: One is Free while the other requires a membership but both allow you to do everything online.Cost: Credit freezes very rarely have fees associated with them depending on state laws and the circumstances under which you're requesting the freeze. Credit locks always come with costs, and fees are dependent on the provider and the services offered.Legal Protection: Credit freezes are mandated by law and provide specific legal protections against identity theft, while credit locks are often marketed as a convenience and do not offer the same legal protections.
  • 9. Creating a Legacy: Financial and Fashion Wisdom with Jhoanna Alba

    Angela, The Real Credit Queen is with Jhoanna Alba, founder and chief fashion designer of ALBA, brings over 20 years of fashion expertise to creating signature looks for an elite clientele. Her designs interweave bold, colorful custom fabrics that showcase each client's unique personality and style.She shares her journey of decades in the fashion industry, detailing how she broke into the business with the guidance of her mentor, Magic Johnson. Topics discussed includeFinancial literacyStarting a business as a young personOvercoming challengesThe value of mentorship.Jhoanna details the importance of maintaining good credit the need for financial education among youth, and practices she adopted to support her business and team. They discuss practical financial tips, the impact of social media on financial decisions, and the cultural importance of teaching the next generation about money management.00:00 Introduction and Guest Welcome00:52 Breaking into the Fashion World01:49 Mentorship and Magic Johnson's Influence04:13 Entrepreneurial Challenges and Successes06:11 Team Building and Company Culture09:18 Financial Literacy and Early Life Lessons 12:26 Teaching Financial Responsibility to the Next Generation16:23 Coupons, Apps, and Financial Tips20:06 The Impact of Social Media on Financial Discipline21:22 Teaching Financial Responsibility at Home22:35 Using Credit Wisely: Personal Experiences23:02 Building a Business with Credit23:52 Expanding into New Markets27:11 The Importance of Mentorship and Resilience31:39 Practical Financial Tips for Young Adults36:28 Concluding Thoughts and Advice
  • 8. Teaching Financial Literacy to the Next Generation: Game Plan for Success

    How do you support your children to grow their financial literacy? The Real Credit Queen Angela is joined by her son Justin, an accomplished basketball athlete with a masters in business. They discuss financial literacy for young people and the importance of being business and financially savvy beyond the basics learned in school.As successful as young athletes are in their sport, it's important to look beyond athletics for fulfillment and to diversify interests and efforts.This episode coversThe importance of financial preparedness, including having savings for living expenses.The negative perception of credit and the lack of financial literacy education in schools. It's important to use credit as a tool for building wealth, but it requires discipline and budgeting.The influence of "flex" culture driven by social media and the lack of financial discipline and how to not overdo it financially.The need to have a plan for the future including saving and and understanding credit and financial decisions.With education, kids can be experts at disciplined, financial decision-making, and the impact these factors have on an individual's financial future when you take charge at a young age. It's never too early to grow your financial literacy!
  • 7. 31 Very Important Facts About your Credit Score and the Things that you Need to Know - Part 1

    People always ask - I don't really understand why credit is so important. Why do the banks and financial institutions need to know about my history?There are so many reasons! This episode is one of several where Angela is discussing your credit and the reasons consistency and a good ongoing relationship with your credit history and credit score is so important.This episode covers -Payment history and how it impacts your credit score.The different types of bankruptcy and their long term implications.How to build credit history and how to maintain your accounts for the logevity that creditors are looking for.Late payments and how they can impact your credit score and your credit optionsAnd over all - navigating the credit landscape and how to maintain a strong credit scoreMake sure to tune in for the next episodes where The Real Credit Queen Angela shares more about what you need to know about your credit score.
  • 6. Even the Who's Who in Sports, Entertainment and Music need guidance! With Matthew Hoffman

    On Your Credit Today, The Real Credit Queen Angela Setters Bessard, is interviewing Matthew Hoffman, the founder of Trusted Advisor - the best platform for advisors with high profile entertainment, music and pro sports clients.Trusted advisor is a platform that unites prominent business managers, artist managers, entertainment attorneys, wealth managers, family offices and other trusted professionals through an array of educational initiatives, exclusive meetups, and global summits to support athletes, entertainers executives and other personalities.These clients, and their advisors, have unique needs from a technology, investment, cyber-security and risk perspective.This episode covers- Matthew's entrepreneurial background and lessons from earlier ventures- The importance of financial literacy and investing early- The value of networking events and the success of "Trusted Advisor"- Building a platform to connect professionals in sports, entertainment, and music industries.Matthew's venture expereince and advising A-listers teaches a lot about leadership, bouncing back from failure, and the magic of partnerships.We dicussed the importance of tailored financial education for young high-earning talents (and really, for all of us!) and the need to build a positive networking environment.Don't forget to subscribe and share this information. Thank you for tuning in!Connect with Matthew here -
  • 5. Cyber Security with Paul Paul Viollis

    This week the Real Credit Queen. Angela Setters Bessard is joined by Paul Viollis - Global Business Leader, Accomplished Author and TV & Radio Personality.For over four decades, Paul Michael Viollis has dedicated his career to the protection of our country, as well as, the shareholder value of the businesses he has navigated to the pinnacle of their respective vertical markets.On his speaking tours, his hands on expertise in subject areas of behavioral analysis, leadership development, corporate espionage, extortion/stalking, cyber security, family protection, and workplace violence allows him to develop unforeseeable insights that will have you at the edge of your seat and captivate your audience.From corporate executives and high profile individuals to private families and sales teams, each attendee will leave with a renewed sense of focus and re-energized with information that can be easily and expeditiously implemented.In this episode we discuss -- Paul's career from the New York County district attorney's office to his current work in intelligence.- Online predators and the importance of protecting you and your loved ones- Safeguarding personal information online- Insights into the deep web and dark web- The STAR method for making informed decisions and concluding advice from PaulThe biggest takeaway in this coversation with Paul is the need for safeguarding our identity online and staying vigilant for scams.Paul's expertise in cybersecurity and behavioural analysis highlights the dangers of online predators and hackers. His insights into the dark web and the potential risks it poses have been eye-opening.For parents and caretakers of children - We've also been reminded of the importance of being cautious and protective of our kids as they are engaged in online activities.Don't forget to subscribe and share this information. Thank you for tuning in!Contact Paul here - pv@viollis.com (212) 315-0088
  • 3. Business Building Strategies with Corporate Structure Guru AnGèle Cade

    This week on 'Your Credit Today', the Real Credit Queen, Angela Setters Bessard is with guest AnGèle Cade, the CEO of Executive On the Go and a vision architect and business strategist. AnGèle helps passionate entrepreneurs honor their purpose and passion, while increasing their profits and validity all through the power of bulletproof business strategy and structure.Now an entrepreneur for over 20 years, she recalls how going into business for herself was birthed out of failure. Her former employer ghosted his business and put everything she had worked for at risk. Her previous contacts started to reach out to her for support - she didn't realize that the culmination of experience and wisdom had gotten her to a place where the clients still wanted her to serve them.This episode covers-- The importance of separating personal and business finances to protect assets- Understanding the distinctions between being an entrepreneur and an intrapreneur- The impact of financial decisions on company valuation and retirement plans- The significance of humility, teachability, and willingness to do the work for true business success- The need for personalized financial and business structures and the importance of bringing in experts when dealing with complex financial structures and creditPersonal and business financial integrity are essential for safeguarding our legacies, and that proper planning and preparation are vital in navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship.Success is not just about the end result, but also about the character, resilience, and ability to adapt and learn from failures along the way. As we've learned, personalized financial structures and the guidance of experts can make all the difference.Let's take their wisdom to heart as we continue on our own journeys toward financial stability and business success. Thank you for joining us.Be sure to like and subscribe for more empowering conversations with insightful industry leaders. And remember, our financial future is in our hands.Connect with AnGèle here -